On Saturday, the 31st of January, Museu Casa do Pontal will be inaugurating new work by Brazilian artists Os Gemeos. Created exclusively for this institution, the twins’ first permanent installation will be entitled The Bunker.

The activities will begin in the afternoon at the Municipal Theatre, in Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro, with an open conversation with artists Gustavo & Otavio Pandolfo, mediated by curators Paul Portela and Angela Mascelani, followed by the installation reveal and a live concert by Siba. The work created for the museum is focused on honoring Brazilian folk art and the duo chose the symbolism of a bunker because it “preserves, guards, protects and serves as a temple to reflections.” The institution wanted to show “the transformative role of art, its ability to change ways of seeing and to anticipate issues” with this installation, and the work by Os Gemeos will be a perfect example of folk art translating to urban settings and the other way around.

Photo credit: Heloisa Tolipan
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