Along with mural painting that started off today and a museum show with Thinkspace Gallery (covered), one of the central events of POW! WOW! Hawaii is the print exhibition organized in collaboration with For their 3rd annual show they scheduled 30+ limited edition print releases featuring most of the artists from this year POW! WOW! roster, which will be exhibiting at the Fresh Cafe in Kaka’ako.

The releases started online daily at on the 4th of February, and will continue until the end of the event on the 17th of February. Most of the prints released are getting signed on the spot by participating artists. On top of regular releases that are available online but also at the event, some exclusive in-store ONLY releases are planned for the opening night on 10th of February. One of those is a new print by James Jean (interviewed) featuring his recognizable mural created for last year’s event (covered). It will be released in an edition of 25 pieces and comes signed, numbered and with a little unique drawing.

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