After recently showing at the 5th Year Anniversary of Graffuturism (covered here), the French-born and Berlin-based artist BLO from Da Mental Vaporz crew is having a solo exhibition at Swinton & Grant Gallery in Madrid opening this weekend. The show entitled ‘Dreams have no title‘ features a series of canvases and ink drawings on paper. Using spraypaint and acrylic, BLO splices Man Ray’s nudes and epic Renaissance Statues, creating graceful and sacred figures enveloped in bursts of cosmic abstraction, pinned in time like tropical butterflies to the canvas.

“The Assassination of Painting” is not the first quote to comes to mind from Joan Miro when looking at BLO’s beautifully rendered stone and geometrical donned antiquities. Yet underneath the light graceful glow of the pastel hues, one finds gestures of imploding mythical paradises and alongside futuristic postures of a statues stride or a reclining nude, a genderless hybrid of a long forgotten time, a time of cold tender passion.

The opening will also see the launch of a hand finished screenprint. Dreams have no title runs until 27 June.