Member of the Da Mental Vaporz crew, Brusk, is one of the more versatile street artist in France through the mastering of techniques in graffiti, but also lightgraff, sculpture, installation and 3D animation. For his first Parisian show AD VITAM ETERNAM? at Galerie Itinerrance, he concentrated more than twenty years of exceptional practice on a series of paintings and sculptures. All his imagery is there: ripped icons, symbols of polluted consumerism, children drawings made out of acid colors, ironic references to the masters. Also, he chose to revisit Magritte’s Red Model with Nike shoes and reference Rodin’s Thinker melting away.

Brusk’s trademark rainbow dripping technique creates volume and lighting effects that evolve into an impressive third dimension. Included in the exhbition is a sculpture of a life size baby elephant holding a spraycan that defies gravity while leaving his footprints on the ceiling and walls. On display also is a shining and melting bleeding heart sculpture is made of two kissing skulls, symbolizing of love until death. AD VITAM ETERNAM? questions the place of humanity in its urban environment and invites the viewer to reflect on the future of the living and its relationship with death.

Many artists like Seth, Legz, Choq and members of the DMV crew (Jaw, Kan, Sowat) also came in force to celebrate the opening. The show runs until 11 July 2015.

Photo credit: Butterfly.
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