Legendary Berlin-based artist, Thierry Noir, is currently in London, setting up his upcoming show Jazz with Howard Griffin Gallery. The artist who painted miles and miles of the notorious Berlin wall during its most turbulent history, is creating an extensive show that will include canvases, installations and sculptures, all influenced by the vibrant world of jazz, and will open on the 25th of June.

When the French-born artist moved to Berlin in the 80s, he also moved to the capital of alternative music at that time – from Nu Wave to Hip Hop, Punk Rock to Jazz. This creative vibe strongly influnced his artistic development both in terms of his practice, the visual language, and the imagery. From the photos we just received from the gallery, Noir is taking things a notch higher with his signature character. Using the same vibrant color palette hes been always working with, Noir turned his flat painting style into 3D characters and created instruments from them as well as the characters playing them. Along with these, he is covering the floors, walls and ceiling of the gallery with his work, so the show is shaping up to be an overwhelming sensory experience.

Photo credit by Michael Wickham
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