Brazilian artist Alex Senna has been painting his black and white characters all over the São Paulo for years. Engaging viewers in everyday scenarios that they can relate to, his pieces easily found their way into the hearts of his fellow citizens.

These days, he is showing his work in a form of an art show that is now on view at Tag galleryTempo is a retrospective exhibition that is covers the last five years of Senna’s works – which involves mixing the visual language of graffiti and comics, taking the best from both worlds. Also, the eternal contrast between black and white is cleverly used to make his simple drawings stand out from the bustle of the colorful Brazilian metropolis, but also, to juxtapose opposites in his work – couples in love, elderly people and children, happy and sad elements, etc. For his big show, Senna created total of 40 pieces that are on display around the cozy gallery space. Most of the works are paintings and drawings on everything from paper, wood to found objects, but around 10 of them are sculptural pieces. Using resin and wood, he successfully added the third dimension to his generally “flat” characters, without losing that comic feel to them.