San Francisco’s Park Life will be hosting a July 15th opening for a collaborative exhibition between Francesco Igory Deiana and Atelier Pica Pica entitled Meeting On The Shore. Aside from showing together, the Italian born artist and Belgian art collective actually created the entire body of work together, which resulted in a coherent show.

The title was a result of the fact that the artists never really met in person before they decided to collaborate and do this experimental project together. For this show, the artists shared Francesco’s new studio space in the city and created everything together from scratch. They even went around to scrap yards looking for objects, wood, and materials, and got inspired by each other techniques. For example, some of the new Deiana’s works have more texture than we’ve seen before, as well as more complex shapes, while Atelier Pica Pica created works based on their concept of square shaped clusters. The entire process of creating the works and working on this project will be released in a publication with photographs taken during that month, which will be available at the gallery.