Banksy phenomenon once again showed it’s strength, influence and unpredictable nature when his largest project to date, Dismaland, opened doors for the press preview earlier today. Placed within the walls of a derelict lido site Tropicana in in Weston Super Mare, the show is built as a Bemusement Park for a family day out, but instead of sugar-coated fantasy land, it sends out a bit different message – sorry kids.

Built in 1937 Tropicana was once the biggest outdoor pool in Europe and had the highest diving board. Its been closed since 2000. and in its current shape it’s a perfect setting for Banksy-kind of fun fair – dark, ironic, sharp and unsettling. For this huge project the elusive artist invited 50 different artist from 17 countries and created “a fairground that embraces brutality and low level criminality”.

The fun starts with in a security control room built by cardboard by Bill Barminksi. Ridiculing NSA rules and routines, you might be asked things like “Do you carry any squids or unicorns?”, as well as be ordered to stand on one foot or spread your legs as wide as possible. After the checkup, the door open and you enter the place that is quite literally falling apart. With trash and mud all over the place, banners, flyers and posters on the walls and uninterested, zombie-like members of staff hanging around useless and bored whispering random messages as they walk past. The entire experience brings you as much joy as one can have facing injustices and mistakes done by mankind around the globe.

We’re bringing you the first look at the “end of a fairytale”, created by legendary Banksy and his like minded army of creatives from around the globe. Stay tuned for more detailed review of this exceptional show coming soon to AM.

Photo credit: @arrestedmotion_sal.
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