Roq La Rue upped the ante for the fifth edition of their Lush Life group show, titled Reverie.  With both the main floor and upstairs project room utilized, and the debut of the large installation piece by Cheyenne Randall, the gallery was literally packed to the rafters.

Highlights include Scott Hove’s delicious Devils Food starting off the main floor, just waiting for you to get closer. Jonathan Viner’s Force Projection will leave you mesmerized as will Christian Van Minnen’s Self Portrait as James Hurley, or Small Town Love is Transparent and Sweet, but for completely different reasons. The upstairs space is highlighted by the amazingly rendered Ghost of Amelia and Her Jellyfish by Travis Louie, and Pixel Perish by Casey Weldon, which is hard to look at, but in a good way. Casey Curran’s Valkyrie begs for interaction in order to make the piece move, while Scott Musgrove’s Corvette Summer is a hands-off affair, since you don’t want to smudge all that chrome.

Artists include: Marco Mazzoni, Jonathan Viner, Amanda Manitach, Kazuki Takamatsu, Peter Ferguson, Christian Van Minnen, Travis Louie, Casey Weldon, Tyna Onko, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Lauren Marx, Esao Andrews, Eric Wert, Laurie Lee Brom, Erin Kendig, Ashley Eliza Williams, Ryan Heshka, Casey Curran, Scott Hove, Helen Bayly, Lowell Poisson, and Adrian Cox.