On September 11th CULT / Aimee Friberg Exhibitions in San Francisco opened Haptic Render, a solo exhibition of new drawings and installations by Francesco Igory Deiana. With this show, the locally-based artist introduced a new direction in his work, exploring the translation of form between the digital and analog worlds.

Over the years Deiana has been creating highly detailed, labor-intensive artwork using ball point pen, spray paint, and photographic prints to combine contemporary and classic techniques. For his newest body of work, he chose graphite as medium and produced digital looking pieces using one of the most classic analog techniques. Seemingly simple at first, the drawings are hiding hours upon hours of meticulous work in order to create the desired, digital effect. The result of this unusual process are works that imitate basic Photoshop brush strokes or digitized textures, traced by hand with graphite on paper. In order to further accent this contrast, the Italian-born artist created some of his largest works to date, equally focusing on the image itself and the negative space around it. Along with the drawings, Deiana created an installation that plays with perspective and renders his 2D works into a 3D sculptural piece. The show will stay on view through October 31st.

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