For the third year running (see 2014), the Mister Freeze exhibition opened recently and gathered over thirty national and international graffiti and street artists in Toulouse, France. Organised by Faute O Graff, the must-see event took place in the Cobalt building, a former industrial warehouse of 26,000 sq ft. During the week, visitors could enjoy artworks of established artists like Alëxone, Gris1 or Reso alongside emerging talents with different artistic styles – graffiti, post-graffiti, illustrative – along with murals, installations and workshops.

Things were set up in two parts entitled Lost and Found. The first installment “Found” displayed a series of large scale murals together with a traditional gallery set up while “Lost” invited viewers into an artist-invaded abandoned space. Over an intuitive journey, the audience was able to discover the cultural wealth of a movement in constant evolution. The next edition will take place in Toulouse in the summer 2016.

A full list of participating artists included: Alëxone, Hendrik “ECB” Beikirch, Cali, CeeT, Dems, Der, Eack, Gorg, Grems, Gris1, Ilk, Mlle Kat, Katre, Benjamin Laading, Legz, Lenz, Silvio Magaglio, Maye, David Mesguich, Momies, Mondé, Poes, Sebastien Preschoux, Reso, Sherio, Sozy, Taroe, Wow123, and Zest.