We don’t get to see often enough artists who produce striking and clever street works who have equally effective if not stronger studio pieces. If you liked the street pieces that Spanish artist Pejac has been creating around the globe, you’ll surely enjoy the latest series of works he’s been creating for his upcoming London show.

Still playing his cards close to his chest, the Barcelona-based artists didn’t reveal the time or location of the show yet, but the body of work he’s been working on looks promising. From minimalist black and white pieces to elaborate large canvas paintings, this show is shaping up to be a milestone for the artist. Touching sensitive subjects in a poetic and clever way, Pejac addresses environmental issues, civil unrest, downsides of globalization and modern life, as well as universal emotions and feelings. Whether making replicas of classic paintings and photographs, or reaching for unusual creative tools or solutions, he is able to use different mediums and styles to pass along a strong message.

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