Time for another one of our Rewind features as we review recent videos that art lovers may be interested in. Leading things off is some footage of Bernie Mitchell working with an unusual medium – dry wall – to create wall sculptures.

Other worthy videos include:

  • Mel Kadel’s work with Adult Swim.
  • Usugrow painting a wall mural for his show in Tokyo.
  • Aryz in Ukraine.
  • Footage of Futura painting his Houston & Bowery mural.
  • Mars-1 sculpture arrives in Nashville.
  • Yok & Sheryo putting in work at Rabbit Eye Movement.
  • The making of the Vandal restaurant.
  • A virtual reality trip through The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch.
  • Some analysis of Scott Listfield’s work.
  • An interview with Eric Joyner leading up to his Corey Helford show.
  • Music video by Sharif featuring Belin’s work.