Leading off this latest Rewind feature is a 30 minute documentary on Banksy’s recent Dismaland project (covered). One of the hosts in the video is none other than one of our photographers and writers – Butterfly. Follow her as she walks through the “theme park” and watch the footage as she explains the different installations.

Other notable videos include:

  • Pussy Riot’s music video filmed at Banksy’s Dismaland.
  • Jen Stark’s work for MTV and Miley Cyrus.
  • JR joins Pharrell and Scott Vener on OTHERtone.
  • Behind the scenes look at Brendan Monroe’s recent show at Heath Ceramics in SF.
  • New collaboration piece from Saber & Zes on the streets of LA
  • Shepard Fairey’s Jersey City Wave mural.
  • The making of Takashi Murakami’s 500 Arhats exhibition.
  • Augustine Kofie working on his current show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.
  • A look inside Doze Green’s studio.
  • Timelapse of Matthew Barney’s Boat of Ra construction at MOCA.
  • Installation of FAILE’s Time Square work.
  • Video for Nina Pandolfo – Little Things for Life, presented by Coburn Projects.
  • Oneohtrix Point Never music video by Jon Rafman and Daniel Lopatin.
  • Video of Adam Neate’s Elms Lester Oct show.
  • Stephen Colbert discusses art, nudity, and censorship.