After a showing in Berlin (covered) in 2014 and joining the 56th International Venice Biennale Arte (covered) in 2015, Katrin Fridriks will be showing soon at Lazarides Rathbone. For her second solo with the London gallery (opening in May), the Icelandic abstract and conceptual artist will be presenting a different version of one of her most recognizable pieces – Perception of the Stendhal Syndrome – Gene&Ethics Master Prism.

Entitled Macrocosm, the exhibition is focused on the Fridriks’ exploration of the correspondences between the two dimensions – macro and microcosm. By allowing visitors to explore the work through a gigantic magnifying glass and beyond the limits of human eye, she reveals the hidden spheres of her work. Once aware of the complex depth in her work, the viewer can enjoy multiple viewpoints and the levels of other pieces. In a similar manner she created corresponding paintings that present her vision of a macrocosm with one canvas being a micro particle of the other. In order to create such an effect, she developed a new technique of producing work that involves a precise, single splash of paint in order to capture the energy of that action.

Along with presenting the new body of work, Katrin Fridriks will also be signing her first monograph which includes the installation Stendhal Syndrome on the cover.

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