Precisely one month ahead of his upcoming London solo debut, Pejac has revealed his latest series of public interventions around the city. Titled Downside Up, these simple and striking installations are once again proving his ability to create an unexpected twist on common things and reality in general.

The new sculptural series consists of old shoes “hanging” from light poles, signs, or other structures in an urban environment. However, Pejac’s shoes defy gravity and hang as if down is up and up is down. Like his other work that often speaks to social and environmental issues, these pieces seem to symbolize the upside down state of the world today. According to the Barcelona-based artist, the series is dedicated to those who are looking to let their imagination drift away with gravity, or even more for all those who have forgotten to do so.

The upcoming Law of The Weakest solo show will open on the 22nd of July at popup location on 28 Redchurch in London.

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