Mural Social Club is another international festival of art in the public space, taking place around Kiev this last couple of months. The goal of the organizers, NGO Sky Art Foundation, and curators Oleg Sosnov and Yulia Ostrovska, is to popularize art in Ukraine and to support social and cultural initiatives.

Over the last several of months, they invited recognized artists and muralists from as far as Italy, Spain, USA, Portugal, France, Russia, Chile, Peru, Brazil or Argentina, with the result being each of them leaving their mark in Ukrainian capital. From city center and major buildings to the outskirts and smaller, neighboring towns, the idea of the project is to decentralize urban culture and bring it closer to common people. Apart from murals and installations, the festival includes a number of indoor exhibitions, as well as workshops and seminars by renowned street artists.

After a close look at the piece Aaron Li Hill painted, we now have a selection of the most recently finished murals by Elian Chali, Milo, Agostino Iacurci, Fintan Magee (header), Fikos, Marat Morik, Borondo, and Rodrigo Branco.

Photo credit by Mural Social Club