You may remember last year during the finals days of Deitch Projects, Shepard Fairey (featuredheld his solo exhibition May Day in New York. What you may not have seen was a special community mural project he created with the Citykids Foundation. AM was on hand to capture Shepard and his crew engaging intercity youths to create a series of twelve 8 x 4 foot panels as part of the A Positive Thought Cannot Be Denied project.

From July 6th to July 18th, the Wooster Street Social Club of NY Ink fame (covered) will be hosting a special viewing of these completed murals. Also, a limited edition Obey print of the mural She’s Not a Planet, She is One of Us signed by Shepard will be released this Saturday, July 9th at 3 pm. Two hundred will be sold at the gallery space and one hundred more will be sold online here.

Check out the mural building process after the jump.

Photos by Joe Russo (AM-NY)
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