On October 14th, Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen will be opening Enantiodromia, a new solo from Christian Rex van Minnen (featured). The show will include 12 new pieces, produced for this exhibition, and will stay on view until November 11th.

Two years since his last solo with the gallery (covered), the NYC-based artist is back with a whole new body of work that includes oil paintings, as well as monotype prints and for the first time – ceramic sculptures. The main concept behind the show is to focus on the tendency of things to change into their opposites, especially when referring to psychological development. With this in mind, Van Minnen painted a series of 9 individual circle paintings that symbolize horizontally placed chakras which read from right to left, left to right, and subverts the nonlinear, nested chakras into something linear. Also, few of the new paintings are juxtaposing the familiar bright jelly-like forms against a closeup of a skin, which seems like a step toward abstraction while keeping the recognizable love for classic, representational painting. The centerpiece of the show is arguably the giant triptych reflecting the “To Do” paradigm of the mystery school, against “To Be” paradigm of essential goodness, wholeness, right and wrong.

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