As part of the Lazarides Gallery 10th Anniversary celebrations, Lazarides Editions studio just released Katrin Fridriks‘ latest print Noble Awakening. The second collaboration between the acclaimed Icelandic artist and her London-based gallery is sort of a follow up to her solo show Macrocosm (covered).

As a part of her ongoing Flying Awareness series, the print explores the themes of time and space through abstract expressive paint manipulation. Juxtaposing the vibrant colors against a silver background, the edition recreates the fluidity and vibrant color of the original painting that was exhibited at Art International Istanbul back in 2014. By capturing the energy of the liquid paint, Fridriks creates a space and effect that is both fluctuant and static. This archival pigment print with one-colour screenprint on 330gsm paper is released in a run of 100 pieces, signed and numbered by the artist. Measuring 70 cm x 50 cm the print is available through here.

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