Popular art blog SupersonicArt recently expanded their activity by launching SupersonicArtGallery.com, as an experimental online space of showcasing new contemporary artists in mini-exhibitions. For their inaugural show, they chose Alex Garant and her five piece series of new paintings titled Reborn in Flesh.

After creating and showing colorful creations for about a year (covered) “this transitional mini-series is a display of (her) creative cocoon, a contemplative self-acceptance and the wellspring of a new, more instinctive, era in (her) artwork.” Keeping her well-known “double-eyed” signature look, the new pieces successfully mix clean, white or black negative space against textured tones of pale skin in the new portraits. More realistic and organic than previous works, the new series still has that recognizable blurring yet captivating, tensed feel to it.

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