Last October, Liqen spent some time in Vicenza, Italy, working on his newest lithograph at Busato Workshop. Working at the same table as Miró, De Chirico and Rafael Alberti did back in the days was quite an experience for an artist fully dedicated to creating traditional artwork. Whether he is working on drawings, paintings, murals, ceramics, or creating limited editions, the Spanish always makes sure he is using the most challenging ways of producing work.

Devenire Fetus Granata is part of the series “Behavioval” (Oval Behavior), the idea based on frictions, mutations and transformations in egg spirituality and morphology. The main image shows a fetus resting in a womb in the shape of grenade, symbolizing all the children that are born into societies where war, conflict, and terror are common place. The design was painted directly on the lithographic plate without any previous template or sketch, which kept all the imperfections and flaws as a part of the finished work, adding to its charm.

The print is released in two main editions via – regular black and white, and an AP edition of watercolor hand colored ones. Both are numbered and signed by the artist, and come limited to only 12 copies printed on 300g/m2 paper, measuring 70 x 50 cm.

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