Redemption is the title of the newest series of monochrome pieces that Pejac recently worked on in his studio. Consisting of six new pieces created with pencil and ink on pressed wood panels, they once again show the artist’s unique way in perceiving the world and finding inspiration in most unexpected places.

After creating countless public works in which he incorporates the elements of the surroundings, the Barcelona-based artist found a way to paint studio works in a similar manner. Using the common pressed wood panel as the base of the work, he created images using its texture as the essential part of the image. He just shared examples of the first several pieces created this way, as a teaser of a more elaborate body of work he will be working on in the future. Through simple perspective and light/shadow effects, Pejac created an illusion that brings the entire painting to life. The dreamy setting in which the wood chips seem to be floating in the air with added characters interacting with them are great examples of his simple yet effective ideas. Known for engaged works that tackle important subjects, these pieces are all focused on environmental issues and man’s behavior towards nature.

‘The beauty of the pressed wood seems to hide the arrogance of man in its relation with nature. These panels have some sort of aesthetic warmth but at the same time a sense of devastation, making it very contradictory, which directly refers to my way of understanding art. Expressing myself on thousands of small pieces of wood feels like “tattooing” on the stripped skins of trees. Each drawing in this Redemption series are tribute to nature. Any other subject would have been frivolous.” – Pejac

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