On the 1st of June, Unit London opened a new exhibition of work by Tom French (featured) titled Parallax. Through this show, the London-based artist explores the literal, metaphorical and metaphysical manifestations of perspective and visual perception through his expressive monochromatic works.

Stepping away from his previous work that used illusion and double images, French is this time focusing on the apparent displacement of his subject matter and its relation to the viewer. With this in mind, he snatches his figures, preserves them in oils with photographic clarity and incorporates them within abstract forms and energetic free-flowing brushwork. These almost calligraphy-like compositions reflect a psychological rather than material space, with fragments of characters being scattered through the works. Changing narrative and meaning when observed from different perspectives, the subjective final image gets built in the viewer’s mind based on elements noticed from the figurative sensory collage painted in oil on canvas. The show will stay on view through June 17th.

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