Spanish artists Sebas Velasco & Iñigo Sesma, recently took part in the refreshing Graffiti Na Gradele festival on the scenic island of Brac in Croaita. The two San Sebastian-based friends and studio mates painted a new collaborative piece titled Yugoslav riviera at the children park on the edge of the local harbor.

Though fine art painters rather than street artists, Velasco and Sesma enjoy working in the urban environment and translating their painterly approach on a bigger scale in public. Coming without any preparation or sketches, the two took a graffiti artist’s approach to creating the mural by collaging their imagery into a final piece. Taking inspiration from their trip trough Croatia and neighboring countries, the two put together a composition that includes typical residential building blocks, an old Yugo car, a portrait of a local festival goer, along with some elements from an old tourist catalog. Using similar visual language as well as technique, the duo nicely blended all these elements together, forming a somewhat of a postcard image from the festival.

Photo credit: @SashaBogojev