Galerie Mathgoth is currently hosting the French debut solo exhibition from one of the more talented muralists in urban art movement, Fintan MageeWaves is also the first solo show since 2014 for the Austrialia-born artist who spent the last three years traveling the globe and painting some impressive, large scale murals.

For this show, Magee produced a series of canvases that continue his ongoing figurative body of work that mixes realism and poetic dreams. Accented with a strong painterly approach, his images are permeated with surrealistic elements that are in constant juxtaposition with the realist elements. This relation creates the narrative in which the characters portrayed are only an example of the greater story that the works are about, which range from environmental issues, pollution, the migrant crisis, to class struggle. Showing these issues as literal weights often physically carried by his subjects, Magee creates images that are metaphors for the modern consumerist society. Switching from a larger than life scale to smaller formats, he also created two installation-like pieces that bleed into the gallery space, making them that much more intense and relatable.