A few days after Nuart Festival officially closed their 2017 indoor show (covered), they wrapped up another successful mural project. Teaming up with Smug, Attende AS and students from Kannik Middle School, they produced their inaugural mural for the new Social Inclusion Through Street Art project.

Attende AS employs approximately 330 people with disabilities who would otherwise exist without a meaningful work life. Providing them a steady employment in the large and varied industrial production system, the concept both helps these less fortunate individuals and contributes significantly to the region’s economy. In order to celebrate their worthy efforts and illustrate everyone’s important role in society, Smug decided to portray one of their employees – Helge. Due to his inability to read, Helge been struggling to find a job for a long time until Attende found a perfect solution – he got a job shredding documents containing sensitive information.

The Australian graffiti artist portrayed his subject at his workplace, with attention given to little details that accent his purpose in society. Composing the image so it complemented the existing architectural elements, the mural fit perfectly in the residential area. Known for the softness of his images and an impeccable light effect, Smug managed to convey this story of life struggle into a beautifully executed portrait of a hardworking member of society.

Photo credit: Brian Tallman.