Four young contemporary urban artists – Sebas Velasco (Spain), Francisco Bosoletti (Argentina), Spok (Spain) and Luis Gómez (Venezuela), will be showing their distinctive works at Adda&Taxie in Paris from December 9th until January 27th. The show will continue the efforts of the gallery owners Anna Dimitrova and Valeriane Mondot, to breathe a fresh life onto the Parisian art scene by showing works by young international artists.

The exhibition Ronde de Nuit (Night Round) takes the title of Rembrandt’s masterpiece, both for the chiaroscuro present in the works and the symbolism of the night for graffiti artists. Challenged by the exceptional light and shadow play, unique color tones and the idea of secrecy, these artists often choose a night setting for their works. Using the sensitivity of chiaroscuro, they achieve great drama and expressive capacity in their work – Velasco with his intense and accented brush work, Bosoletti with poetic classic compositions rendered as inverted images, Spok with his vibrant color selections and smooth light effects or Gomez with Baroque and Caravaggio inspired renderings of the human body. The selected works present some what of a bridge between their current practice and the works of great masters.