From January 20th to February 25th,  Galleria Varsi in Rome will be showing Vexillum Transparent (Transparent Flag), a solo show by Daniel Muñoz – SAN. Back to Italy eight years since his show in Milan, the Spanish artist is introducing his latest body of drawing-based work that reflects on human beings on the move and the way these movements affect society and individuals.

Known for pictorial, installation-based and participatory public art projects, Muñoz has been focused on the investigation of the collective dimension of public space since his early graffiti days. Over the years, he started developing works that would trigger conversation with the viewer, fully utilizing the potential of public space. With his studio works, he is extending this idea, but more through researching certain concepts through visual elements. In this particular case, he is exploring the concept of travelling, especially crossing the borders, as well as questioning their existence in the first place. These ideas are presented with a series of new paintings, drawings, silkscreens and a site-specific installation where the weapons of military struggle blend in with the iconography of classical art and ordinary objects. With his newest pieces and installation constructed at the gallery, the artist is questioning the history of travel, its causes and consequences, taking everything from socio-economic to cultural or religious reasons into account. At the same time, Muñoz suggests that mobility can be considered one of the differentiating factors among individuals, widening or limiting possibilities and causing a bigger gap between groups of people.

Photo credit: The Blind Eye Factory.