Tales Of Art gallery in Imola is currently presenting Postdigital, a group show with young international painters German Tellez, Milo Hartnoll, Paolo Psiko and Seppe De Meyere. The idea behind the show is showcase the possibilities and the charm of glitch art, as a practice of using digital or analog errors in visual art.

Using a phenomenon common for computing and electronics industries when creating creating classic art form such as paintings on canvas, shows a very fresh, contemporary approach to constructing work. Sometimes applying these flaws for solely aesthetic reasons and sometimes to extend narrative, these diverse works have this peculiar element in common. From cutting and cropping the image, to adding a loading icon, these young artists hailing from Colombia, UK, Italy and Belgium, are juxtaposing the techniques of art masters against every day visuals from the screens of our phones, tablets, and computers.

With this in mind, all the participating artists created their take on the well known 16th century masterpiece, Portrait of a Twentyfive Year Old Gentleman by Bartolomeo Cesi. Realized in close collaboration with Musei Civici of Imola, institution that owns the piece as part of their permanent collection, a portion of the sales of some of the glitched versions will be donated to the museum. The show will stay on view from 10th of March until 15th of April 2018.