Continuing her ongoing efforts to create conceptual works that reflect her firm beliefs regarding the relationship between humans and nature, Katrin Fridriks will be opening a new solo show titled WASTE on the 26th of April at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin. The event will be part of Icelandic embassy’s program on the 100th anniversary of sovereignty, and will be inaugurated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland: Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson.

Taking a step away from her vibrant abstract canvases, Fridriks is nowadays using her recognizable visual language in a more conceptual manner. Coinciding with a upcoming release with Avant Arte platform, the upcoming Berlin show will be produced using the residue of her painting process as the very base of new works. In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and reconsidering the idea of “waste,” the she used the photographs of her studio floor to create limited edition prints that will be the main pieces in the show. By printing them on gold and silver emergency blankets, Fridriks is creating a sense of urgency needed to deal with the subject matter. These new pieces are accompanied by custom designed invitations that re-create the actual packaging of these first aid kit items. Along with these, the exhibition will introduce a new Wasted Pills series as well as present the upcoming Waste editions that will be released soon in collaboration with Avant Arte.

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