POW! WOW! Long Beach finished up the public art for 2018 at the end of last month with another series of great murals and installations for fans of art in the Southern California city. Along with an associated group exhibition (covered) at the Long Beach Museum of Art held in partnership with Thinkspace Projects where a few of the works were installed, most of the pieces (including one from Andrew Hem) were scattered throughout the beach city. We will take a focused look at the installations from Spenser Little in a later post, but first take a look at the photos below as well as a video from this year’s event…

Photo credit: Birdman Photos, John Pangilinan, and Thinkspace.
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Leon Keer






Noelle Martinez


Fintan Magee




Steven Harrington


Steven Harrington




Bordalo II


Tatiana Velazquez


Shane Sun




Sydney James


Lolo YS




Never Made


Joon the Goon


Kamea Hadar


Juan Travieso


Koz Dos