Continuing their longtime tradition of promoting and showcasing young and emerging artists related to SF, Luggage Store Gallery in SF have been working on their latest project titled SWIM gallery. The space will be showcasing their newest exhibition Fresh Waves, curated by Auguste Somers ,from August 18th until September 8th.

The upcoming group show will be featuring eight artists, many of whom are showing with SWIM for the first time. These young creatives are characterized by their immediate, unrestricted approach to creating work, and themes especially relatable to the young audience, such as modernization, isolation, love, and working-class struggle. Through their works, these artists express their cultural, social and political ideology with figurative and abstract paintings, street photography, sculptures, as well as works directly influenced by street art and youth culture.

The show will include works by Los Angeles artist, designer, and creative director Tony Camaro (seen above); Oakland-based painter Dimebag Darla; Henry Fey, an abstract painter from Los Angeles; LA-based sculptor Rada Margot; Argentinian designer, photographer, and artist Lucila Orengo; Los Angeles graffiti artist Sickid; magical realist artist Woodrow White; and San Francisco multidisciplinary artist Chelsea Ryoko Wong.