Coming up next week, James Jean (interviewed) has another print scheduled for release on his website for his collectors featuring the nymph Chelone. Starting at 8:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, February 12 and ending at 7:59 AM PDT on Wednesday, February 13, the time limited edition printed on special metallic paper will come signed and numbered. Priced at $220, the 20-1/2″ tall × 18-1/2″ wide print features dimensionally enhanced elements like the tortoise shell, octopus, and Chelone’s hair as well as the shell and water are silkscreened in diamond dust

Jean further explains – “Chelone, the nymph who didn’t want to party, was condemned by Zeus to forever carry her home on her back for failing to attend his wedding. “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.” Transformed into a tortoise and sentenced to a lifetime of home confinement, Chelone has decorated her abode with the most decadent of details.”

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