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Creative Process – Tran Nguyen

You may recognize the piece above, Cast Into A Rippled Mentality, from Tran Nguyen’s show at Thinkspace Gallery last month (covered). She has now posted some images on her blog showing the step by step creation of the painting which allows us to once again reprise our Creative Process feature for you enjoyment. Pics from drawing to completion after the jump…

Creative Process: Brandi Milne – “Breathe in Peaceful Slumber”

Brandi Milne, who recently held her solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery, posted up some images of her creative process. The step-by-step progress pics of this piece from the show, “Breathe in Peaceful Slumber”, show the stages of her technique from the initial drawing to the final layers. Take a look after the jump…

Creative Process: Stella Im Hultberg

Stella Im Hultberg’s show “The Insentient World” (teased) is opening tonight at Roq La Rue showing concurrently with Andrew Hem’s (interviewed) show.  Her show will feature approximately six canvas paintings and six tea-stained paper pieces.  She took a little time out from her busy schedule to work on a creative process feature for our readers focusing on one of her canvas works (12″ x 14″) entitled “Nobody and Everyone Else.”  Take a look after the jump.

Creative Process: Tin

Thanks for the nice response to our Eric Fortune article earlier this month. Continuing with our Creative Process feature, the next artist we bring you is – Tin. This particular example is called “Amish Girl Gone Wild” and was painted specifically for this article.  Hear him talk a little about how he develops a painting from concept to completion…after the jump.

Creative Process: Eric Fortune

An artist you will be hearing more of in the future, Eric Fortune, has sent us some progression images of his latest piece “A Want To Believe.” Eric has a career in illustration but seems to be making a transition into the gallery scene with shows coming up at Ad Hoc Gallery, Cerasoli-LeBasse, and Roq La Rue. We love his elegant composition, delicate poses, and rendered lighting that seem to make his paintings glow. This will be the first of a series of “creative process” […]


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Streets: Swoon @ Nuart Aberdeen

Nuart returns to Aberdeen this weekend with a full program of murals, conference talks and screenings and this provides a good opportunity to look back at the undoubted highlight of last year’s event: Swoon‘s return to the streets for the first time since 2017. Following her retrospective at CIC Cincinnati, the Brooklyn-based artist, also known as Caledonia Curry, decided to shift focus to work on other pieces of her artistic puzzle, most notably the stop-motion animation Sibylant Sisters which is currently in production. But the […]

Videos: Can Guo-Qiang – “City of Flowers in the Sky” (Florence)

Over the weekend, Cai Guo-Qiang launched one of his signature firework performances in the skies above Florence. Entitled City of Flowers in the Sky, the explosive event was inspired by Botticelli’s masterpiece Primavera and heralds the opening of a massive solo exhibition presented by Uffizi Galleries and covering ten interlinked galleries. The solo exhibition from the Chinese artist is entitled Flora Commedia and features sixty of his famous gunpowder paintings in addition to sketches that document the creative process. Like the fireworks above Piazzale Michelangelo to mark the opening of the show, Cai “uses […]

Openings: Conor Harrington – ‘The Story of Us and Them’ @ HENI Gallery

Conor Harrington (interviewed) recently returned to London with a new solo exhibition entitled The Story of Us and Them at HENI Gallery. Fascinated by art history, especially from the Renaissance and Baroque era, the Irish born artist combines classical oil painting techniques and graffiti influences to explore patriotism and contemporary social-political themes. The exhibition features 12 new large-scale works featuring two fictional male figures dressed in ornate uniforms fighting each other and brandishing their bright coloured flags as weapons. “The works are set against a background of a fictional nation state and […]

Interviews: BLO – ‘Anywhere, Out Of This Mind’ @ Galerie 42b

Berlin based artist BLO, from the Da Mental Vaporz crew, is currently showing a new exhibition entitled Anywhere, Out Of This Mind at Galerie 42b in Paris. We asked him a few questions to find out more. AM: How long have you been preparing for this show? BLO: After a year experimenting with abstraction, and following my artistic residency in Perpignan (FR) in November/December 2017, I decided to return my focus to figurative painting while exploring fragmented compositions. So, I have been preparing for my current show […]