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3D Art Book Signing @ Opera Gallery

AM recently attended a special signing party for the 3D Art Book (previewed) hosted at the Opera Gallery in New York. Many of the contributors such as Tristan Eaton, Eric White, Haze, Esao Andrews, Tara McPherson, Erik Foss, Andrew Bell, Stephen Bliss, Kevin Bourgeois, Filth, Kenzo Minami, Mint, Serf, Dr. Revolt and Tom Thewes were in attendance, signing and drawing for the droves of fans who came out to support their favorite artists. Fans were treated also to a mini pop-up exhibition as each artist’s work […]

Previews: Art HK ’11 – Adam Neate @ Elms Lester

Based on the abundant flow of great artists and galleries into this year Art Hong Kong, we’re confident that the people of China are in for a special treat. Adding to this impressive art fair is one of AM’s favorites Adam Neate (interviewed). Represented by London’s  Elms Lesters Painting Rooms, Adam will be exhibiting a new series of works. It seems that Mr. Neate is continually evolving his craft with the use of 3D sculptural techniques which are again incorporated into these paintings much like […]

Bruins have a distinct advantage at home

Bruins have a distinct advantage at home, it is a really nice facility but not so nice as a visiting team. Whether it is Bruins yellow jerseys or the yellow lines on the field (was that a yellow flag I saw on the field or just a yellow mark?) it can be a tough place to adjust to. Fall behind early and it could get ugly as was the case yesterday.. cheap jerseys Sean O 35, of Oakland, for Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code. […]

Openings: Sweet Toof – “Dark Horse” @ Factory Fresh

UK street artist Sweet Toof recently visited New York to show his latest series of indoor works at Brooklyn gallery Factory Fresh. Moving his iconic outdoor “Toofy” characters from the gritty urban arena into a more subtle indoor setting, Sweet Toof focused on creating beautiful oil on canvas paintings. Of course, it wouldn’t be a show if there wasn’t some outdoor art. Sweet also hit up the exteriors along with a vehicle beautification campaign. The show lasts until tomorrow, May 22nd, so check it out if […]

Streets: Eric Haze x Standard Hotel (Los Angeles)

NY graf legend Eric Haze recently flew out to Los Angeles to participate in the MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition, but being the busy bee he always is, he also took some time to put up some street work in the City of Angels. Working with the Standard Hotel he painted this great mural outside of the downtown location. Haze sent us these pictures of him creating this beast which measured 40 x 6 feet. This isn’t the first time he’s worked with the […]

Previews: Cleon Peterson – “White Flag” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Cleon Peterson is getting ready to unleash a new series of brutal works at Joshua Liner Gallery. The exhibition is entitled White Flag, which may mean surrender to you or I, but after checking out the graphic violence and gross depravity in these paintings, it may mean surrendering to the crazier side of human impulse. We stopped by the gallery to bring you a closer look at what you’ll be experiencing through his twisted landscapes. The show is officially on view already with a special […]

Previews: Tat Ito – “Memento Mori” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

New York-based Japanese artist Tat Ito makes his NYC solo debut with a show at the Joshua Liner Gallery entitled Memento Mori, the opening reception for which takes place 6-9pm this Thursday. The Latin phrase (literally “remember you will die”) often is used in reference to artwork representing death or the impermanent nature of life. However, from the look of the preview images we’ve seen, Ito seems to be using the term—along with certain visual allusions (like the lobster above) found within his new series […]

Auctions: “Under The Influence” @ Phillips de Pury

A little while back, on our day excursion to catch the Will Ryman installation in Manhattan’s Midtown district, we also stopped by Phillips de Pury & Company’s Under The Influence auction (previewed). Held at PDP’s flagship space, this great sale gave us a diverse assortment of top notch artists. A sampling of the roster included Kehinde Wiley, Faile, Ryan McGinley, Joe Bradley, Yoshitomo Nara, Dash Snow, Amie Dicke, Damien Hirst, Lamar Peterson, Dzine, and Mr. One of the interesting things about this event was the […]

Showing: Haroshi – “Future Primitive” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Currently showing alongside Souther Salazar (covered) at Jonathan LeVine Gallery is Japanese phenom Haroshi. The show Future Primitive impressed us from the moment AM laid eyes on his incredible works. At first glance, his sculptural pieces seem like everyday objects like a hydrant, a forty of beer, or a moose head. But upon closer inspection, the colorful wooden sculptures had more than meets the eyes as each piece is comprised of layered skateboard wood, convenient as Haroshi is an avid skateboarder. Talk about using your artistic […]

Teaser: Ryan McGinness – “Redux” @ Subliminal Projects

One stop for Ryan McGinness while he is in Los Angeles for a slew of exhibitions and related events will be Subliminal Projects on June 11th. He’s creating a new body of work based on corporate logos and sponsorship entitled Sponsorship Redux. There will be four paintings and two print editions based on McGinness deconstructing the corporate sponsors’ logos and integrating them into his pieces. The exhibition is followup of his 2003 BlK/Mrkt Sponsorship project where corporation logos were displayed in prominence correlated to their level […]