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We did have some black people

“We did have some black people last year, though. Can’t remember where they were from, but it must have been very far away because they were really black. If you’re looking for the rugby boys, you could try the cave, though. Phil Robertson has been in the news this week after an article that ran in this month’s issue of GQ quickly drew the attention of, well, everyone. Robertson expressed his views on homosexuality, saying, “It seems like, to me, a vagina as a man […]

She leaves to cherish her memory

She leaves to cherish her memory, her daughter, Peggy Fulton and her son, Kenneth Tolley;three grandchildren, Amy Fulton, Ron Fulton, and Aaron Tolley. There are no services planned. Arrangements by Simpson Funeral Home Crematory, 540 366 0707.. replica ray bans If you want to go back to natural then lets start walking again. And the next time there is a wild fire let it burn itself out! Whoops we tried that. They way things were is not always better is my point. cheap ray bans […]

Given the breakneck speed at which

Drought damaged corn on July 27, 2012, seen near Lawrence. The drought that hit Michigan in the summer of 2012 is a sign of things to come as a result of climate change, according to a new National Climate Assessment report released in January. Congress and the president. replica ray bans Given the breakneck speed at which the in 16 campaign was operating, minimum wage proponents on both sides of the Mississippi River stood up to take notice, and not in a happy way. On […]

They sell software programs

There a lot of talk about stopping bleeding but no one has mentioned a styptic pencil. They been used for years to stop bleeding. I picked up a huge one at WalMart for about a buck. According to the denizens of /r/conspiracy and your wacky aunt on Facebook, there are terrifying mysteries unfolding all around us, all the time. From proof of Satanic cults to a government plot to exterminate half a million Americans to evidence of aliens touching down on Earth, the internet has […]

Openings: Marilyn Minter – “Paintings from the 80s” @ Team Gallery

AM recently attended the opening of Marilyn Minter’s latest show Paintings from the 80’s at New York’s Team Gallery. As the title suggests, this body of work is actually a retro showcase of paintings from earlier in her illustrious career. Unlike the stunning series of photographs or photorealistic paintings that most have experienced recently, Minter uses her painterly skills to explore her versions of raw pornographic snapshots paired in contrast with some imagery feature coming of age innocence. More NSFW pics after the jump.

Focus: Swoon – “Art in the Streets” @ MOCA

One of the surprises for AM while visiting the Art in the Streets exhibition was pulling aside the curtain and stepping inside the Swoon (interviewed) installation. The huge tent-like illuminated paper and cloth construct invited viewers to explore all 360 degrees of glorious detail. We found ourselves returning again and again to take in the novel new imagery from the Brooklyn-based artist and you should as well. More detailed shots after the jump..

Focus: Shepard Fairey – “Art in the Streets” @ MOCA

Another street artist featured in MOCA’s Art in the Streets show was none other than Shepard Fairey (featured). Again teaming up with Jeffery Deitch (Shep was the final exhibition at Deitch Projects), the prolific artist created a tightly focused room that revealed new canvases based off of previously “beautified” locations. Of course, there were also the classic stencils that spanned back to his early days. And if you had a chance to visit the gift shop you would have see an awesome mural (previewed) he […]

Openings: Judith Supine – “Ladyboy” @ New Image Art

“A crazy fun and visually arresting experience” – that’s our take on the opening night of New York-based Judith Supine. As previewed, the exhibition at New Image Art entitled Ladyboy touches on an intimate encounter that the artist once had in Bangkok. Using his signature hypercolor and collaging techniques, Judith transformed the entire space (from floor to ceiling, covering every inch) into something resembling a corner of his unique mind. The gallery was packed from opening moments as fans and a parade of “ladyboys” came […]

Artist Talk: Kehinde Wiley @ LACMA

AM recently attended a great artist talk by figurative painter Kehinde Wiley held at the LACMA. The packed event included the discussions of his works included in the exhibition Human Nature: Contemporary Art from the Collection along with the process and imagery that Mr. Wiley choose while preparing for the show. The stimulating talk was followed by a book signing where Kehinde happily greeted each of his fans and introduced his new 64 page catalog for his current show (covered) at Roberts & Tilton (available here). […]

Studio Visits: Martin Oppel

Back during Art Basel Miami, we had the pleasure of visiting the Miami studio of Argentinian-born, Miami/NY-based artist Martin Oppel. Oppel, who has shown with Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Miami and Paris amongst others, works in a wide range of mediums—including painting, sculpture and most recently photography—often focusing on the materials and the process of art, while also making work that is visually attractive and thought-provoking. Dominating his space were what appeared to be gravity-defying stacks of rock, marble and concrete, which were in fact […]