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Previews: Vandalog & M.A.N.Y – “Up Close & Personal”

Vandalog and M.A.N.Y. have teamed up to create a unique group show that will be in New York for a limited time starting today and running through the weekend. Entitled Up Close and Personal, this exhibition will showcase the works from artists who have created large mural works in the past by taking them indoors into the intimate setting of a residential apartment in Manhattan. Works no smaller than a metro card and no bigger than 30 x 30 inches have been created by artists […]

Focus: Invader – “Art in the Streets” @ MOCA

With the MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition on track to potentially break attendance records and Invader’s recent LAPD arrest for making art in the streets of LA, we thought that it’s time for another Art Focus – in the form of little Easter Eggs left by our friend Invader. With all the spectacular art and installations at this exhibition, it’s easy to get lost in the thick of things. Invader took an interesting approach to making his mark at the MOCA while he stayed […]

Streets: Faile – Prayer Wheel (Williamsburg)

One of the coolest examples of Faile’s outdoor works are the Prayer Wheels (featured) which first debuted at their Lost in Glimmering Shadows show in the UK. These sculptural works are engineered to spin in place while people meditated to their favorite images from the collective. In the past few years, the duo have placed these awesome pieces outdoors for the people to enjoy. Now, they’ve sent us pictures of the latest street intervention which they have deployed near McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check […]

Signings: 3D Art Book @ Opera Gallery NY

Grab your funkiest three dimensional glasses for this Friday as Opera Gallery in New York hosts a special book signing for the awesome 3D Art Book (previewed). Creator Tristan Eaton will lead 15 artist such as: Haze, Travis Louie, Tara McPherson, Andrew Bell, Stephen Bliss, Kevin Bourgeois, Ron English, Mat Eaton, Filth, Kenzo Minami, Mint, Serf, Dr. Revolt & Tom Thewes for a signing session of this packed book of your favorites rendered in eye popping 3D. In case you didn’t know, many AM favorites […]

Previews: Crash, Freedom & Risk – “Blurring The Lines” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This weekend, Corey Helford Gallery is showing Blurring The Lines, a throwback to the 80s where graffiti was not looked yet looked upon as art in the public eye. The exhibiton will feature three old school masters – Crash, Freedom and RISK. Curated by our friend Roger Gastman (co-curator of the Art In The Streets Exhibition), this gives us a close up look at the fine artwork of the three artists who were also featured in the MOCA show. Check out some more preview images […]

Focus: New York – “Art in the Streets” @ MOCA

As stated in our focus on the Los Angeles portion of the Art in the Streets exhibition, the MOCA gave us a look at both the beginning of the movement and its roots. LA is the home of the museum and also the west coast street movement, but let’s not forget that Jeffery Deitch made his name in the streets of New York prior to his ascension to director of the museum. Mr.Deitch also made sure to carry the legends of the easts across the […]

Focus: Los Angeles – “Art in the Streets” @ MOCA

As you’ve seen Art in the Streets brings many of your AM favorites to the MOCA, but another important aspect of the exhibition is the recognition of the roots of the street art movement with both coasts were showcased from past to present. In a special wing of the museum, Los Angeles held it down with representatives from all aspects of the west coast. From photography and graffiti to tattooing and fine art, we experienced a lesson in cholo and local urban artistry. With a […]

Streets: Will Ryman – “Roses” @ Park Avenue

As AM ran through the streets of New York’s Midtown district we had the pleasure of catching Will Ryman’s latest outdoor installation – The Roses. Made possible with support from Paul Kasmin Gallery, Will created beautiful giant sized floral sculptures that lined each street center from 57th to 67th streets along the prestigious Park Avenue in NYC. Standing up to 25 feet, the impressive installations captured the hearts and cameras of all who passed by. Ryman’s large-scale figurative sculptures was a perfect compliment the busy […]

You should aim to wear everything you pack

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Caruso switches off flying first

Caruso switches off flying first class and coach every single time he flies regardless of the nature of his trip. In fact, when visiting family members in Northern California, it was Caruso turn to flyfirst class. As with humans, most diseases are spread amongst birds when they are near each other. Various types of finches are known to congregate in large numbers at feeders. In this situation, diseases can be easily spread. cheap oakleys Is it real? Distinguishing real crystal from crystal wannabes can be […]