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Happy 4th of July!

Everyone here at AM (at least on this side of the pond) wanted to wish you a happy fourth of July! We thought that we would take this opportunity to review some of the American Flags that have been reinterpreted over the years by artists we cover here. This is by no means an exhaustive list as the iconic symbol has been a very popular inspiration for artists whether it be a patriotic or anti-patriotic creation. More flags after the jump from artists including Aaron […]

Openings: Andrew Schoultz – “Unrest” @ Morgan Lehman

As our readers may have noticed by now, the world thankfully didn’t end over the weekend. However, if those in New York head over to the Morgan Lehman Gallery in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, they will see plenty of apocalyptic imagery in an explosive new show from Andrew Schoultz although he does not paint himself into a corner by making prophetic predictions. Along with his intricately rendered ink and acrylic works on paper, the rapturous (okay, this will be the last pun) new body of work […]

Preview: Andrew Schoultz – “Unrest” @ Morgan Lehman

Since stealing the show during Art Los Angeles Contemporary (covered) back in February, Andrew Schoultz will look to parlay his success on the West Coast back East with a new solo exhibition in New York. Opening Thursday, May 19th at Morgan Lehman Gallery, Unrest will yet again underscore Schoultz’s proficiency with his craft and his penchant for multiple mediums. Much like his last solo, Meltdown (covered), a massive sculptural installation will provide the anchoring eye candy within the gallery. The San Francisco-based artist’s fantastical narrative, […]

ALAC ’11: Andrew Schoultz @ Jerome Zodo Contemporary

Of all the booths we saw at Art Los Angeles Contemporary ’11, the one that stood out the most was Jermone Zodo Contemporary’s, which had a solo show by the prolific and outstanding Andrew Schoultz.  The show was anchored by a mixed-media piece, Monument to a Whirlwind (pictured above), that measured an impressive 11 ft. by 20 ft. (it was the largest piece on paper at the entire fair).  We are happy to report that the monumental work was purchased by a museum in the […]

Showing: Andrew Schoultz – “Melt Down” @ Project Space

Building on his solo a few months back, Compound Eyes of the World (covered), Andrew Schoultz debuted a new body of work last week at the Arkitip and Incase showspace in Los Angeles. Melt Down transformed Project Space with the geopolitical musings of Schoultz with an immersive installations that took over the walls and floors of the gallery centered around a tank breaking through his familiar “brick” walls. Anyone who enters the gallery through January 9th will be confronted with the full force of Schoultz’ […]

Preview / Setup: Andrew Schoultz – “Melt Down” @ Project Space

Working efficiently in the wake of his solo a few months back, Compound Eyes of the World (covered), Andrew Schoultz is ready to reveal a new body of work tomorrow, December 9th at Project Space in Los Angeles. Opening at the collaborative gallery effort between Arkitip and Incase, Melt Down will call upon all of the San Francisco artist’s vast mixed-media talents. Centered around a massive tank installation and a series of giant wall murals, it appears Schoultz will be modernizing his imagery a bit, […]

Openings: Andrew Schoultz – “Compound Eyes on the World” @ Marx & Zavattero

In San Francisco, headlining the official opening of the art season last night was Andrew Schoultz’ new body of work at Marx & Zavattero. “Compound Eyes on the World” is Schoultz’ second solo at the gallery and draws attention to the vast amount and chaotic nature of information in the modern world. His signature kinetic imagery and the array of mixed media works, paintings, drawings, sculpture & installations lend itself perfectly to the themes he is exploring and leads inevitably to the question of how […]

Preview / Setup: Andrew Schoultz – “Compound Eyes on the World” @ Marx & Zavattero

Opening on September 11, the show many San Franciscans have been waiting for –  Andrew Schoultz returns to his hometown for his second solo exhibition at Marx & Zavattero.  If it’s Schoultz, you can be sure it involves dense, colorful, kinetic, immersive, and choatic artwork, as is evidenced by these preview shots.  For this show, the artist explores the nature of history and the reconciliation of meaning versus the vast amount of information available today.  If you are in town, you are best served to […]

Basel Week Switzerland ’10: Volta6

The last fair we attended while in Switzerland was Volta6, and although it was way across town from Art Basel (covered, part 1 and 2) and Scope (covered), in a somewhat industrial part of the city, we were glad we made the trek. Unlike VoltaNY (covered), Volta6 was not focused on single-artist booths, so the smaller fair offered visitors a large range of interesting emerging artists.

Openings: Andrew Schoultz – “Crisis” @ Jerome Zodo Contemporary (Milan)

A while back, we posted a preview of Andrew Schoultz’s solo in Italy at the Jerome Zodo Contemporary. Well, he has kindly sent us some images of the incredible installation he has put together at the Milan Gallery that opened on the March 11th and runs through the end of April, including large murals, crumbling walls, telephone poles and wires – just an all encompassing experience. More images after the jump…