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Openings: Gary Baseman – “La Noche de la Fusion” Festivities

Gary Baseman and Corey Helford Gallery pulled out all the stops for last night’s Carnivale-style extravaganza celebrating “La Noche de la Fusion” (covered), Baseman’s solo return to Los Angeles in over two years. Featuring Baseman-designed costumes come to life, carnival games, a fire bowl to burn away your fears and insecurities, an animation reel exploring Toby’s Travels and the Enlightened Chou, as well as eye-candy as far as the eyes could see, this was certainly an event to remember. The capstone of the night’s celebrations […]

Openings: Gary Baseman – “La Noche de la Fusion”

Corey Helford Gallery held a very special collector’s preview of Gary Baseman’s latest exhibition “La Noche de la Fusion.” The amazing “Enlightened Chou” installation was more impressive, once assembled, than when we previewed it in our studio visit. The installation is comprised of many Chous, each one is from a different country: Thailand, India, Mexico, Brazil, Russia. These Chous are Baseman’s way of breaking down the literal boundaries of the modern day countries. The intimate opening was attended by some well-knowns such as Jonathan Levine, Natalia […]

Studio Visits: Gary Baseman – La Noche de la Fusion

Gary Baseman’s (interviewed) show “La Noche de La Fusion” opens this Saturday, May 2nd, at Corey Helford Gallery.  AM stopped by his studio to learn more about this self-created festival celebrating a “night of fusion” of different cultures, the joys and bitterness of life and elements of the earth. For those who RSVP early enough, get ready for costumed ladies from Baseman’s world, performers, carnival games, large-scale sculptures and much more. Take a look at some of the paintings and plans for the show as […]

Teaser: Gary Baseman – “La Noche de la Fusion” @ Corey Helford

Pervasive artist Gary Baseman, will be opening his next solo show at Corey Helford Gallery on May 2nd.  This show is influenced by Brazil’s Carnival and will feature paintings and sculptures introducing his Carnival Girls and ChouChou Buddha.  Sounds fun as there will be an outdoor festival with live performances, music and costumes.  We also hear there might be some body painting? A video of Baseman at Carnival last year after the jump…