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Openings: Agnès B – Howard St. “Galerie Boutique” Launch & Exhibition

Last week AM attended dual receptions to celebrate the launch of Agnès B’s Howard St. flagship store  in New York’s SoHo district. The dazzling concept space will be known as  “Galerie Boutique” which also serves as a gallery to exhibit some of legendary designer’s favorite artists. The launch events took place over two nights and drew numerous notables from the fashion and art scene. A long time patron of the arts, Agnès has supported many of the artists we’ve all come to love and this inaugural […]

Streets: Faile & Bäst (New York)

Brooklyn based artists and constant collaborators (see Deluxx Fluxx Arcade), Faile and Bäst, recently worked together on this industrial doorway in Brooklyn. A welcome sight in snowy New York for street art fans as the cold season cuts down on the amount of new work this time of year.  You can take a closer look at the salon style installation after the jump but head over to Brooklyn Street Art to get the full set of pics including in progress shots.

Openings: Bäst – “Botulism” @ Lazarides Gallery

Lazarides’ latest exhibition at their Rathbone Place space opened on the 20th of August and showcased a solo exhibition by legendary Brooklyn artist Bäst. On show are a series of large scale works on canvas, paper and wood, along with several sculptural pieces, which sees the artist revisit and expand upon themes and styles he has been experimenting with for many years. The bold red and blue Key Foods posters once used as backdrops are here recreated as thick, textured acrylic and, on the canvas […]

Preview: Bast – “Botulism” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

Sounds like the next big show at Lazarides’ main gallery space in London has been announced. Bast, who recently collaborated with Faile (featured) on the Deluxx Fluxx Arcade (London and New York), will be opening “Botulism” at Rathbone Place starting August 20th. And, from the looks of things, the New York collage specialist will be focusing some of his time on his signature portraits although according to Vandalog, Laz says Bast will be “developing past preoccupations in an exciting new direction” as well. Via Vandalog. […]

Openings: Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade – NYC edition

This past weekend, Faile and Bast opened the New York version of their famed “Deluxx Fluxx Arcade” show. The pop-up gallery located in the LES (Lower East Side) of the city was subject to many rumors and discussions during this busy week of art in the Big Apple. Many who thought this show was imported from the recent blockbuster UK arcade show were pleasantly surprised to discover that the artists created a fresh set of machines/installations for this unique vision of one of our favorite childhood past […]

Setup / Preview: Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade – NYC edition

Some of you may have heard rumblings about an upcoming Faile x Bast show coming to NYC.  We can finally confirm that it’s true.  Even better is that it’s a pop up show in the Lower East Side (LES) of the Big Apple.  Faile and Bast’s recent arcade show at London’s Lazarides (Rathbone Place) was so unique and popular that it got many US fans in a state of envy.  Originally conceived as a one-off show, Faile and Bast decided to create a brand new […]

Releases: Bast – “Niel Blender (Red)” Print

Bast, who’s currently showing with Faile. at Lazarides (covered), recently released a print named after legendary skater and artist Neil Blender. The edition titled simply “Niel Blender (Red)” [sic] is pretty large at 129 cm x 97 cm is priced at £725.00 in a run of 10 (available here). For those who don’t know who Blender is, check out some awesome old school footage after the jump where he stops during a skating competition to spraypaint and therefore gets disqualified.

Video: Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade

Our friends over at Babelgum have put together a nice video about the “Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade” show that we covered last week at Lazarides. Bast and the Patricks were both interviewed about the creative process behind the show among other things.  Also, there’s some nice footage of the immersive installation and artwork that transformed the gallery into a neon video arcade. Discuss this show here. Discuss Faile here. Discuss Bast here.

Openings: The Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade at Lazarides – Greek Street

London art fans turned out this Thursday night to witness the most simultaneously fun and original show we’ve witnessed since, well, probably ever! The “Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade” is in town and after a week of installation time, is now officially open for business! Faile (aka: the Patricks) and Bast transformed the ground floor into a fully functioning video game arcade, with old school cabinets – some of which we recognized from our misspent youth – being given the paste-up treatment. Read on for more details and pictures […]

Installation / Preview: The Faile & Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade @ Lazarides

Lazarides seems to be kicking off 2010 in style with not one, but two shows featuring Faile (see our recent studio visit here) opening in London this week. We gave you some news on the shows a little while back, and we’ve been counting the days in the run up to this week. Greek Street – the old location of the gallery, and now commonly known as the Lazarides shop – will be hosting ‘”The Faile Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade”, where Faile are teaming up […]