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Streets: Blu & Ericailcane (Italy)

Do these two Italian street magicians never stop? After making a pit stop at the FAME Festival and the R.I.P.Arte Festival, Blu and Ericailcane are at it again – this time with a collaboration piece.  This looks like they are taking aim at a popular target – politician, bankers, and corporate types.  The octopus looks to be by Ericailcane and the rest by Blu. See the full mural as well as some in-progress shots after the jump…

Streets: Blu & Escif (Spain)

It looks like Spanish street artist Escif, who recently hit up San Francisco with his friend San, has changed tag team partners. This time it’s prolific street satirist Blu, who recently himself was working with Ericailcane in Italy at the FAME Festival. So, back to the story at hand – the duo painted up adjacent multi-story buildings in Valencia – Escif with a stop motion falling car and Blu with what looks like Moses (with snakes for a beard) bringing down the ten commandments (with […]

FAME Festival ’11: Blu

It looks like the big guns are starting to hit up Grottaglie as we get closer to this year’s FAME Festival. After bringing you Moneyless and Cyop & Kaf, we are happy to say Italian superstar Blu has painted his mural in town of a giant billiard table.  Of course, with him things are not always what they seem.  Take a closer look after the jump…

Videos: Blu – “Megunica” Documentary

Wow. We sat down to scan through the Megunica documentary real quick but ended up watching the whole thing. The film first made rounds in 2009 or so and has won multiple awards at various film festivals but we don’t think there has been an easy way for street art fans get ahold of it – until now. Wired Italy has now made the entire film, all 83 minutes of it, available streamed on their website. For those unfamiliar, the footage follows Blu on a […]

Streets: Blu (Germany)

After his team effort with compatriot Ericailcane in Fabriano, Italy, the fast moving Blu has moved on to and completed the new mural we told you about in Germany. Wouldn’t we all like to chop off the Medusa head of rising gasoline prices? This wall was painted in Cologne as part of the Cityleaks Urban Art Festival which also includes involvement from Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Claudio Ethos, Faith47, Escif, Herbert Baglione, Roa, Sam3, Lucy McLauchlan and Will Barras among others. A closer look at the head […]

Streets: Blu & Ericailcane @ R.I.P.Arte Festival (Italy)

Reprising teamwork that has become familiar to street art fans everyone, Blu and Ericailcane hit up the R.I.P.Arte Festival in Fabriano, Italy recently with these two side-by-side pieces. The dynamic duo have been tearing up Europe recently at a frantic pace with their in-demand mural skills (last collab in Bologna), especially Blu (Palestra, Jensi, Krakaw, Poznań) whose prolific appetite for walls boggles the mind.  And, it seems there is no end in sight as he’s getting up in Germany at the moment. The event also […]

Streets: Blu for Outer Spaces Festival (Poland)

Perhaps it’s the warm weather. Perhaps it’s a coming to peace with the whole high profile buffing situation. More than likely, it’s simply that the creative juices are flowing like wine and it’s time to drink. Whatever the case, ever since putting up his first piece since the MOCA incident in Palestra (covered) last month, Blu has been getting paint to wall at near record pace. Since May alone, the street art legend has targeted Jensi (covered) & Bologna in Italy, and Krakow, Poland (covered) with […]

Streets: Blu (Poland)

It looks like Italian street sensation Blu is not shy about letting the world know his views on religion.  First came the mural in Bologna over the Easter weekend featuring a praying man eating his own “pasta” brain, perhaps indicating religion is all created in the mind.  Now, this new piece in Krakow features a bullhorn made from a bell (maybe the famous Royal Sigismund Bell regarded as one of Poland’s national symbols?) speaking to the mindless masses. Does anyone recognize the seal? *edit* Ah, […]

Streets: Blu (Italy)

It looks like the warmer weather in Italy has allowed Blu to get up more recently (see Bologna & Palestra).  While the last two murals were collaborations with compatriot Ericailcane, this time Mr. Blu went at it alone in Jesi with this piece done over the Easter holiday. A hint at how he feels about religion? Discuss Blu here.

Releases: Blu “Rennes” Print

Recently surfacing with friend and fellow collaborator Ericailcane in Palestra (covered) for the first time since the controversial buffing of his Art in the Streets mural by MOCA themselves, Blu has just released a much anticipated print of one of his strongest street pieces ever. Originally executed in all it’s intricate glory on a massive wall in Rennes, France (covered), the 5-color screenprint, entitled “Rennes”, is produced by Studiocromie in a signed and numbered edition of 150, measuring 70×90 cm (27.5″x35.5″) and priced at 400 […]