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Openings: “Stencil Art Show” @ White Walls

Saturday, October 10th saw the opening of the Stencil Art Show at White Walls in San Francisco.  Featuring Shepard Fairey and Studio Number One protege Ernesto Yerena, the photo-realism of David Soukup, graffiti cum graphic design of Tes One (teased), Easter basket palette of Casey Gray and haunting alleys of Adam 5100‘s mind, the Stencil Art Show appears to have been a success.  Reasonable asking prices have led to a well-selling show, a vital blueprint in today’s downtrodden but buyer friendly market.  Detail and opening […]

Video / Preview: Damien Hirst – “The Blue Paintings” @ The Wallace Collection

Telegraph recently sat down with Damien Hirst for an interview about his show “The Blue Paintings” (teased) at The Wallace Collection opening tomorrow.  Featuring 25 paintings (all hand done by Hirst), he appears to be opening a new chapter in his career.  With style reminiscent of his idol Francis Bacon, the works still include classic Hirst imagery like the shark jaws, butterflies, dots, and skulls.  It remains to be seen whether he will be as successful with this artistic change of direction.  Check out the […]

Showing: Hideaki Kawashima and Atsushi Fukui @ Michael Ku Gallery, Taipei

Earlier this month, the Michael Ku Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan, opened “Convolvulus,” a two-person exhibition featuring two of Japan’s rising art stars, Hideaki Kawashima and Atsushi Fukui. Convolvulus is a species of flowering plant, although it’s not clear how that relates to Kawashima and Fukui. Perhaps it has something to do with the ethereal beauty of these two artists’ works. Regardless, the artists are well-suited to show together, as they both typically portray dreamlike or otherworldly images: Kawashima with his disembodied heads with flowing hair […]

Video: Andy Warhol – The Last Decade @ the Milwaukee Art Museum.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is currently showing “Warhol’s Last Decade”, an appropriately named exhibition showcasing Andy Warhol’s later work. Known as the most experimental and risky work of his career, he introduced abstraction into his work with series such as “Oxidation Paintings, Shadows, Yarn, Rorschachs, Camouflage; produced his signature “fright wig” self-portraits; and revealed his Catholicism in Black and White Ads and the ambitious series based on Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper.” During this late period, Warhol was influenced greatly by his collaboration with […]

Events: Sketch Tuesday @ 111 Minna

On the last Tuesday of September, AM visited 111 Minna Gallery for their monthly installment of Sketch Tuesdays.  Originally held a once a year at Southern Exposure under the moniker “Moniker Drawing Rally”, the event has now grown to a monthly event featuring an ever changing cast of Bay Area artists.  November’s installment of Sketch Tuesdays fell on the eve of 111 Minna‘s “Neighborhoods” show (opening/setup) and featured many of the “Neighborhoods” artists.  In attendance were such SF luminaries as Mike Giant, Matt Furie, N8 […]

Openings: Ron English – “Nimbus Vapor” @ Opera Gallery

Ron English has been a busy man since his show at Elm’s Lester (studio visit and opening). Last month, he “tagged” the skyline of NYC with clouds (here) in preparation for his curated show “Nimbus Vapor” at Opera Gallery (previewed). Last week AM attended the opening of Ron’s curated take on the most important street artists of our time consisting of a hall of fame lineup consisting of names such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy, Blek Le Rat, Daze, Crash, Shepard Fairey (featured), Faile, Futura, Logan […]

Openings / Giveaway: Adam Neate – “A New Understanding” @ Elms Lesters

Adam Neate’s much anticipated solo show “A New Understanding” opened last night at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms and AM went along to see just where Adam’s new direction had taken him. After revealing to us in our recent interview that he’d been through some troubled times during the creation of this work, we were pleased to see him in good spirits happily chatting to fans and collectors whilst signing an almost endless stream of books and posters. His classic and recognizable self portrait profile made […]

Obama chooses modern art for the White House

Soon after Barack Obama took office, a rumor began flying around the art world that the president and first lady were planning to redecorate their personal living space within the White House with works of modern and contemporary art. Apparently, a little known perk of being President of the United States is that you get to use the Smithsonian, National Gallery and other DC museums as your personal collection. This week, the list of pieces that the Obamas will be borrowing was announced, and it […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings For October 9-11

October is upon us and with it, an amazing array of shows – two in particular garnering the most press. The first is a show Adam Neate’s fans have been eagerly awaiting for over two years.  We had an opportunity to interview Neate recently and based on what we saw at the special preview night (full coverage to follow soon), he has definitely taken it to another level. The other event we want to draw your attention to is the Beyond Eden New Contemporary Art […]

Preview / Setup: “Beyond Eden” Art Fair

The “Beyond Eden” Art Fair we mentioned to you last month is set to open to the public tomorrow and run through the weekend (with some VIP previews on Friday).  This multi-gallery event held at the LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park will include live painting, a screening of the Scribble 08 documentary, a special “Heroes & Villains” photo exhibition, and of course, lots of art. We will be especially looking forward to seeing several pieces from Amy Sol (seen above) for her upcoming […]