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Preview: Brendan Monroe @ Richard Heller Gallery

Time flies. It seems we had just told you about Brendan Monroe’s (interviewed) solo show at Richard Heller and it’s already time for the opening this weekend. After making good on the plans he told us about during our studio visit in May to move to Stockholm with his wife and fellow artist Evah Fan, he’s back in Los Angeles with a new body of work.  He plans on having a big wall installation that’s a little like a portable mural and another installation with […]

Preview: “The Art of Rock” Green Day Show @ StolenSpace

Our good friends at StolenSpace just sent us a little look into their coming show with renowned punk band Green Day. The show curated by Logan Hicks (featured) features a strong lineup of urban artists such as Ron English (featured), London Police, C215, Will Barras, Eelus, Chris Stain (interviewed), Sixten, Adam 5100 each doing a piece inspired by Green Day’s music. The show opens the day before Green Day starts it’s sold out tour of the UK on Oct 23rd and will run only until Nov […]

Openings: Damien Hirst @ The Wallace Collection

Damien Hirst’s series of paintings at The Wallace Collection is now open to the public so we suggest you stop by and judge for yourself whether you like this new direction for the not-so-young-anymore YBA. We kinda like these new pieces, not just because we are partial to artists who lay their actual hands on the works they sign their name on, but because Hirst was able to retain his signature imagery in this dark blue series of paintings.  Make no mistake, with the skulls, […]

Video: Seonna Hong – “Fountain” by Sara Lov

Check out this music video “Fountain” that Seonna Hong worked on for her friend – singer Sara Lov. Utilizing the delicate imagery and patterns from Hong (animated by Marco Morandi), the beautiful video successfullly brings her paintings to life. We are definitely looking forward to more projects like this from Hong as well as other artists we like.  Check out other successful music collaborations we have covered in the past here. Discuss Seonna Hong here.

Openings: Masakatsu Sashie – “Twentieth Century Boy”

Darren Romanelli (Dr. Romanelli) and Eric Nakamura (Giant Robot) recently opened a one-night only pop up show featuring new works by AM favorite Masakatsu Sashie in Los Angeles (previewed). The show paid tribute to the band T-Rex (led by Marc Bolan), who is one of Sashie’s favorite bands growing up. The show benefited the Light of Love Foundation charity. Check out some pics after the jump.

Streets: Shepard Fairey Rocks Steel City

In preparation for his “Supply and Demand” retrospective exhibition moving to the Warhol Museum (teased), Shepard Fairey (featured) is already working the streets of Pittsburgh. These beautiful murals built by Shepard & crew are jaw-dropping to behold, that is if you’re lucky enough to bump into one. If you’re visiting the city for a day or two, it may be difficult to find time to hunt them down throughout the city. Now if only someone would take the time to create an urban ”star maps” for art fans visiting the ”Steel City”…… Well, thanks to the […]

Openings: “Stencil Art Show” @ White Walls

Saturday, October 10th saw the opening of the Stencil Art Show at White Walls in San Francisco.  Featuring Shepard Fairey and Studio Number One protege Ernesto Yerena, the photo-realism of David Soukup, graffiti cum graphic design of Tes One (teased), Easter basket palette of Casey Gray and haunting alleys of Adam 5100‘s mind, the Stencil Art Show appears to have been a success.  Reasonable asking prices have led to a well-selling show, a vital blueprint in today’s downtrodden but buyer friendly market.  Detail and opening […]

Video / Preview: Damien Hirst – “The Blue Paintings” @ The Wallace Collection

Telegraph recently sat down with Damien Hirst for an interview about his show “The Blue Paintings” (teased) at The Wallace Collection opening tomorrow.  Featuring 25 paintings (all hand done by Hirst), he appears to be opening a new chapter in his career.  With style reminiscent of his idol Francis Bacon, the works still include classic Hirst imagery like the shark jaws, butterflies, dots, and skulls.  It remains to be seen whether he will be as successful with this artistic change of direction.  Check out the […]

Showing: Hideaki Kawashima and Atsushi Fukui @ Michael Ku Gallery, Taipei

Earlier this month, the Michael Ku Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan, opened “Convolvulus,” a two-person exhibition featuring two of Japan’s rising art stars, Hideaki Kawashima and Atsushi Fukui. Convolvulus is a species of flowering plant, although it’s not clear how that relates to Kawashima and Fukui. Perhaps it has something to do with the ethereal beauty of these two artists’ works. Regardless, the artists are well-suited to show together, as they both typically portray dreamlike or otherworldly images: Kawashima with his disembodied heads with flowing hair […]

Video: Andy Warhol – The Last Decade @ the Milwaukee Art Museum.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is currently showing “Warhol’s Last Decade”, an appropriately named exhibition showcasing Andy Warhol’s later work. Known as the most experimental and risky work of his career, he introduced abstraction into his work with series such as “Oxidation Paintings, Shadows, Yarn, Rorschachs, Camouflage; produced his signature “fright wig” self-portraits; and revealed his Catholicism in Black and White Ads and the ambitious series based on Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper.” During this late period, Warhol was influenced greatly by his collaboration with […]