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Rolling Stone’s Obama Cover by Shepard Fairey

The August 20th issue of Rolling Stone will feature a cover with a new image of Barack Obama by Shepard Fairey.  Unlike the idealistic iconic image that a nation of Obama supporters fell in love with, the latest by Fairey incorporates elements that show the situation that the President is currently in. As the artist puts it: “it’s one thing to be running for president and it’s another to be President, and I think this new illustration that I did hopefully captures the complexity and […]

Teaser: Brendan Monroe @ Richard Heller Gallery

Brendan Monroe (interviewed) will be exhibiting some new works in October at the Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica. We were able to get a glimpse of some of the things he was working on when we went by for a studio visit a couple months ago, but here is a new image of one of the sculptural elements in this new body of work.  More to follow as the show draws nearer… Discuss Brendan Monroe here.

Teaser: Edwin Ushiro – “Softly Encompassing the Womb”

Here’s a pretty sweet piece from Hawaii native Edwin Ushiro’s upcoming show opening September 12th at LeBasse Projects. Two things that stand out about Ushiro’s work are the special “look” he has to his work that is a result of a special process he uses (more on this at a later time) and his talent of storytelling – something he talks about in this a thousand stories interview. We are looking forward to seeing more “island” infused imagery and are planning more coverage of this […]

Openings: Gilbert & George – “Jack Freak Pictures” @ White Cube

London duo Gilbert & George has returned to White Cube to show in their home town for the first time since their 2007 retrospective at the Tate Modern. The show, “Jack Freak Pictures” focuses on the Union Jack flag of Great Britain and G&G’s signature psychedelic photo transformation process. The body of work is very large in size and takes place at both the Mason’s Yard and Hoxton gallery space. AM had a chance to stop by and check out this crazy show. Enjoy the pics […]

Preview: Josh Keyes – “Natural Selection” @ Swarm Gallery

We found a couple more images from Josh Keyes‘ upcoming show to share with you since our first teaser article. Opening along with Vaughn Bell in a show entitled “Natural Selection” at the Swarm Gallery this Friday (Aug 7th), Josh should only have four pieces.  Keyes’ fans will treat this as an appetizer to his big show at  Jonathan Levine coming up in Dec/Jan in New York. More images after the jump.

Showing: Steinbrener & Dempf – “Trouble in Paradise” @ Schönbrunn Zoo (Austria)

An interesting exhibition opened in June at the Schönbrunn Zoo in Austria entitled “Trouble in Paradise.” Artist duo Christoph Steinbrener and Rainer Dempf created a series of six artistic interventions dealing with the idea of nature versus civilization, themes we know well from following artists such as Banksy, Josh Keyes, and Shepard Fairey, to name a few. However, to bring the art directly into a controlled “natural” environment like the zoo is pretty genius. Examples include railroad tracks in the bison pen, a sunken car […]

Openings: Kokeshi Show @ Japanese American National Museum

The Japanese American National Museum is holding an exhibition (previewed) until October 4th about all things “Kokeshi.”  However, the highlight of the show were the custom kokeshi’s created by many of the artists that we at AM enjoy.  It’s not often we see such an extensive list of quality artists in a group show, let alone a customs show. Take a look at all the pics after the jump.

Showing: Victor Castillo @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

AM recently swung through the Merry Karnowsky Gallery to take in “Gameland,” the debut Los Angeles solo show from Chilean artist Victor Castillo. Castillo was in town from Barcelona (where he now lives) for the opening, and he filled all the rooms of Karnowsky’s beautiful space, really showcasing the various characters all have come to love in his work. Children are often the main characters cast in his work, and they are often portrayed in scenes that don’t offer much hope, where weapons replace toys […]

Teaser: Damien Hirst – “The Blue Paintings” @ The Wallace Collection

Damien Hirst will be exhibiting 25 new paintings (created from 2006 – 2008) at The Wallace Collection in London, opening on October 14th. It appears that Hirst is making his play at being recognized as a serious painter as all the pieces have been produced himself, without help from his cadre of assistants.  Or perhaps, he is just mindful of the times – “Hirst said that he wanted to be recognized as a ‘painter’ and acknowledged that the contemporary art market was struggling and that […]

Preview: Ryan McGinley – “Moonmilk” @ Alison Jacques Gallery

AM is excited to bring you one of the best solo exhibition previews of the summer.  Ryan McGinley returns behind the lens with his young models who spurn the annoyances of clothing to explore exotic, unknown, and undiscovered locations.  Their voyeuristic adventures were documented and will be shown in September in a highly anticipated show that features 24 brand-new (28 total), never before seen photographs at Alison Jacques Gallery in London. See the complete set of photographs from the show after the jump.