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Openings: “Neighborhoods SF” @ 111 Minna

This past Labor Day Weekend, a couple friends from out of town visited AM here in SF.  As it was their first time in the city (and on the West Coast!), they wanted to get acquainted with the true San Francisco experience; from the head shops on Haight to the seedy underbelly of the Tenderloin.  Well, with gas prices climbing back up, we opted for the easier SF tour – we visited the “Neighborhoods” show that opened this past weekend at 111 Minna (previewed). More […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings For September 10-16

Jonathan LeVine Gallery in the Chelsea district of NYC kicks off the new art season with an important show this Saturday featuring new solo exhibitions from the UK’s notorious D*Face (interviewed) as well as the highly respected Mark Dean Veca (interviewed). If you are in the Big Apple this weekend, do not miss this show, as you will be laughed at by your friends if you do. Trust AM. So much to chase after this month, with amazing shows everywhere you look. Your eye candy guide […]

Teaser: Takashi Murakami @ Gagosian Gallery (NYC)

Takashi Murakami has been a busy boy. With exhibitions already planned at Emmanuel Perrotin (here) this month and Palace of Versailles (here) in 2010, it seems that Takashi wants to make sure that the “big apple” is not forgotten. The legendary Gagosian Gallery in New York will play host to an exhibition from September 17th – October 24th with a new body of work. This gorgeous painting being worked on looks to be a combo of Murakami’s famed “727-272” and his skulls we saw at his Brooklyn Museum […]

Interviews/Preview: Dan Baldwin – “Disillusion” @ Carmichael Gallery

Over the past few years Dan Baldwin has established himself as one of the notable artists in the UK’s new contemporary art scene. A distinct voice in a landscape full of artists whose works are often too similar to distinguish, Dan has proven himself to be fresh and somewhat unique. It’s great to see him traveling to the US for his first solo exhibition, “Disillusion,” opening Thursday, September 10 at Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles. AM sat down for a chat with the man himself. […]

Shepard Fairey x Upper Deck – Michael Jordan

Check out the latest Shepard Fairey x Upper Deck collaboration of the king of hoops: Michael Jordan. Shepard is picking up where he left off last year with his Purple/Gold Kobe Bryant “MVP” print. As with the Kobe x UD x Fairey print, this will most likely be released only through Upper Deck’s website and will most likely be signed by BOTH Shep and MJ. We’ll keep you posted once more info is released. What mega athlete should Upper Deck and Shepard do next? How about one […]

Takashi Murakami Versailles Exhibition Announced

We saw this image that claimed to be of Takashi Murakami and Pharrell having dinner in Versailles, France in July and didn’t think much of it (perhaps they were talking about their collaboration sculpture with Jacob the Jeweler at Art Basel Switzerland). Turns out there was more to it than meets the eye when it was announced this morning that Murakami will be exhibiting at the famed Palace of Versailles in France. Sounds like eight massive works have been installed. It’s a whirlwind of a […]

Teaser: Giant Robot Biennale 2 @ Japanese American National Museum

Come the end of October, Giant Robot’s Biennale 2 Exhibition is opening at the Japanese American National Museum.  Here is the beginning of James Jean’s (interviewed) piece, entitled “Chhinnamasta.” Uh, yeah, don’t ask us what that is, ask wikipedia.  In any event, looks like an interesting show with some other great artists such as Jeff Soto (interviewed), David Choe, Souther Salazar, kozyndan, and Deth P. Sun among others. Check the show card after the jump…

Preview: Brian Donnelly “Blasphemies, Monstrosities, & Other Perversions @ Show & Tell

Toronto seems to be a vibrant cultural city and galleries such as Show & Tell Gallery and LE Gallery are leading the charge with an excellent and exciting roster of young artists to bring the new contemporary scene to the attention of the world.  This week sees Brian Donnelly open his new solo show “Blasphemies, Monstrosities, & Other Perversions” at Show & Tell. Read on for more preview images.

Openings: Date Farmers – “Strange Fruit” @ Fifty24SF

Growing up outside Los Angeles, we would find ourselves, once every couple years or so, visiting historic downtown.  Whether checking out the Bradbury building, Union Station or Chinatown, we always made sure to take a stroll down the birthplace of the City of Angels, Olvera Street.  Centered around a traditional Mexican style plaza, Olvera Street is a historic hub and insight to Mexicano culture.  Featuring colorful dresses, bollero musicians, Oaxacan altars, churro carts, Sacred Hearts and bootleg Mickey Mouse shirts, the energy and spirit of […]

Studio Visits/Preview: Eric White – “LP” @ Sloan Fine Art

Last week, AM had the opportunity to drop by Eric White’s Brooklyn studio, and got a sneak peak of his space and some of the work for his upcoming exhibit “LP,” opening at Sloan Fine Art Sept. 12. As the title implies, the show will consist of White’s interpretations of classic album covers—more specifically, those from before 1983, the year when he got his first CD player. At first glance, the 12″ paintings often look exactly like record sleeves from Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads, Pink […]