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David Choe in Hawaii (Part II)

Last month, we reported on a sweet new mural (jellyfish!) from David Choe’s (featured) from the islands of Hawaii (which subsequently got buffed). It looks like while there, the Facebook gangster also painted some faces and brought it along with him to various locales. Take a look at some of the photos he posted of them to his blog as well as some of his adventures there. Discuss David Choe here.

Streets: David Choe (Hawaii)

After news broke earlier this year that David Choe’s (featured) Facebook stock had made him a very rich man, he was last seen getting interviewed by Howard Stern and Barbara Walters. Looks like he’s finally surfaced on the Big Island of Hawaii where he picked up some paint again to work on a wall featuring classic Choe imagery with imaginative and random creatures. It appears we have a octopus headdress wearing mermaid (attached to a fish) being ridden by a bird dress girl, ninja turtle, and the […]

Rewind: April 9 – April 15

Made has a new video (via Beautiful/Decay) where they interview American artist Kevin Earl Taylor, who was in Berlin a few months ago for his exhibition Deviant Instinct at Circleculture Gallery. In it you can see him discuss his art as well as take a look at some of the work displayed around the showspace. Other videos worth looking at this week include: The Scream by Edvard Munch: A Photo call at Sotheby’s (via Art Market Monitor) The new Victor Reyes – Goorin Brothers XO […]

David Choe x Barbara Walters

After going on the Howard Stern show where he perhaps became the first 35 year old man to be adopted, David Choe (now the Prince of All Media) headed over for his next interview with Barbara Walters. Besides talking about and hinting that he was now worth over the speculated $200 million from Facebook riches, Walters also made good on the promise to learn “graffiti” from Choe and received her own tag – BABS-1. Discuss David Choe here.

Rewind: Feb 6 – Feb 12

As with our weekly Overtime and Streets World Roundup articles, this new feature (video-oriented) is intended to summarize notable stories that we didn’t get an opportunity to highlight. Leading off our inaugural Rewind is this trailer of the new Andy X movie, billed as “a cinematic seance on the life and death of Andy Warhol online” with release scheduled for February 22nd. Other notable videos include – Ron English’s The Detroit Project, where he and his family leave New York, travel to Detroit, and visit […]

David Choe x Howard Stern

In the insanity and aftermath of news breaking that David Choe (featured) stands to make $100-200 million dollars on the upcoming Facebook IPO, all the major network shows were attempting to book him for an interview. His first choice as a longtime fan was of course to be interviewed by Howard Stern (which makes sense if you know David’s lifestyle and humor).  You can see a video clip as well as audio clips of the entire interview after the jump where no topic was left […]

Rumor Mill: David Choe – The 200 Million Dollar Artist?

So, you may remember the internet frenzy last month when photos leaked of David Choe (featured) painting and tagging up a storm at the new Facebook headquarters at the request of Mark Zuckerberg. What we didn’t know was that when he decorated the previous FB building with his murals several years ago, David elected for stock options instead of cash payment.  The New York Times now reports that those shares are worth upwards of $200 million based on the new IPO calculations. If the speculation […]

David Choe Paints Tribute To Beaten Asian Teen

By now, everyone has probably seen the video that went viral which showed a group of people brutally beating a Chicago teenager. Thankfully, it sounds like the Asian victim of the racially motivated attack appears to not have sustained serious injuries. David Choe (featured) recently painted this tribute mural to hopefully bring attention to this issue as well as get some of these cowards put in jail if they can be recognized. See what he had to say after the jump…

David Choe Paints New Facebook Offices

With Mark Zuckerberg moving into the new Facebook headquarters to Menlo Park, California, he decided he needed some interior decorating. David Choe (featured) had painted up the original offices back in 2006, so it was only natural for Zuckerberg to invite the street specialist back to put his signature touch on the inside the building. The social networking genius apparently has a taste for art as he already has some of Choe’s paintings in his personal collection and also has commissioned Aakash Nihalani in the past. […]

Contests: David Choe – “Yellow Armour” Print Giveaway

This Friday, on the mythical 11/11/11, David Choe (featured) will be giving away a print in appreciation of all the love and support he has received from his fans over the years. This image above, Yellow Armour, will be printed 18 x 24, signed, and shipped free to the first 111 people who email him ([email protected]) after 11:11 pm West Coast time with a completed checklist. This is where it gets crazy in a way that only a Choe contest can be – take a […]