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Showing: Askew One “Entropy” @ Inner State Gallery, Detroit

New Zealand artist Askew is currently showing at the Inner State Gallery in Detroit. For Entropy, the artist created a new coherent body of work using splatters, expressive strokes, and bright colors on a black background. Over 80 paintings of different sizes were created with acrylic and spray paint on plexi glass or glass. The images are mostly portraits and abstract explosion looking pieces done a technique that is strongly influenced by his graffiti background. Due to his signature style, his portraits are much more dynamic & […]

Preview: Askew – “Entropy” @ Inner State Gallery

On August 23rd, the Inner State Gallery in Detroit will be hosting a solo show from Askew entitled Entropy. Presented by 1xRUN, the new exhibition from New Zealand’s best will feature a series of portraits based on his experiences visiting the Motor City and the desolate cityscape he observed. He states: “Detroit started this whole train of thought during my first visit in 2009. I think the metaphor of Entropy is throughout the world but extends to Detroit as well. The Entropy in Detroit’s case was human […]

Openings: “Out With The Old” @ Library Street Collective (Detroit)

Out With The Old group exhibition opened on Saturday, August 3rd at the Library Street Collective in Detroit, showing new works by some of the most active and currently sought after graffiti, street, urban and contemporary artists such as Jim Houser, AJ Fosik, Augustine Kofie, Alex Lucas, Cleon Peterson, Dabs Myla, Dave Kinsey, Pose, Sam Friedman, Hacer, Revok, Tristan Eaton, Vizie, and many more. Putting together such a comprehensive show was a lot of work for the organizers, but all the effort was worth it in terms of helping to […]

Overtime: July 29 – Aug 4

More stories from the week ended Aug 4: Jerry Vile makes statement in Detroit using giant Crisco can next to Joe Louis fist sculpture. The city removes the street piece quickly, unfortunately. Ashes found in stove in owned by mother of suspected Rotterdam art thief contained fragments of paintings. NYPD attempts to censor anticipated Park Avenue art project about free speech. James Franco criticizes LA for losing Jeffrey Deitch, who resigned himself from his position at MOCA. Los Angeles Downtown News wants Jeffrey Deitch out […]

Upcoming: “Out With The Old” @ Library Street Collective

On August 3rd, the Library Street Collective will be opening a new group show entitled Out With The Old in Detroit. The impressive list of artists participating include AJ Fosik, Alex Lukas, Augustine Kofie, Cleon Peterson, Dabs Myla, Dana Oldfather, Dave Kinsey, Hacer, Jim Houser, Kelsey Brookes, Mr. Jago, OMENS, POSE (seen above), REVOK, Richard Colman, PUSH, REYES, RIME, Sam Friedman, Tristan Eaton, VIZIE, and ZES. The Motor City doesn’t often see an exhibition of this quality to head over for a look if you are […]

Previews: Revok – “Ordinary Things” @ Library Street Collective

This Friday, REVOK will be premiering a new show in Detroit at the Library Street Collective. With Ordinary Things, the graffiti titan makes his solo premiere in his adoptive city since moving from his home base of Los Angeles. This fresh body of work consists of REVOK taking his intricate paint’em & break’em style to another level. Each piece utilizes numerous fragments of “locally sourced” urban material from the Motor City and challenges his already impressive diamond motifs (seen City of Fire & Known Gallery […]

Streets: REVOK x RIME (Detroit)

Featuring two graf legends who have mastered a aesthetic of their own, this recent collaboration from REVOK and RIME really hit the spot. Entitled A MAN’s THREAT & A WOMAN’s PET, the mural combined many elements from the two MSK brothers’ work including the figurative stylings of Jersey Joe and the strength of lettering from REVOK. Check out all the sick details of this complex and layered piece below… Photo via The Seventh Letter & REVOK. Discuss REVOK here. Discuss RIME here.

Detroit Beautification Project

A project that was first hinted at here appears to have come to fruition in the Motor City. We have already shared works from Sever and Reyes for the Detroit Beautification Project, but now we have a closer look at the multitude of artists (many of them MSK affiliated) and the murals they painted centered mostly in Hamtramck. Selected photos include more from Reyes, Revok (seen above), 123Klan, Askew, Dabs Myla, Tristan Eaton, RISK, and Flying Fortress. For those interested, also check out a video […]

Teaser / Video: REVOK – “Triumph & Tragedy” @ Vicious Gallery

Coming up in December, REVOK will be bringing a new body of work he is preparing in Detroit for a show in Germany at Vicious Gallery. While in the motor city, the graffiti artist scoured the abandoned, derilict, and burned out shells of homes and building (including an old police station) for materials. These old signs, walls, parts of furniture, and more were fashioned into wood constructs, like what we saw in a recent LA show, each component rich with history and years of Triumph & […]

Streets: Ron English (Detroit)

Ron English (featured) started his road trip to Detroit recently, looking to bring some of his art to the city including apparently a hand painted “grin balloon.” Along with some walls and billboards plastered with his “popaganda” imagery at the imfamous Packard Plant location, he also raised his profile in the motor city with something inflatable that could be seen from a distance. More photos after the jump…