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Openings: Five-Year Anniversary Group Exhibition @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

This past weekend, Jonathan LeVine opened their five-year anniversary group show, featuring works from an extensive list of artists who have been instrumental in the New York gallery’s success, including Adam Wallacavage, AJ Fosik, Andrew Brandou, Andy Kehoe, Blek le Rat, Chris Mars, Dan Witz, Date Farmers, Dave Cooper, Doze Green, Eric White, Erik Mark Sandberg, Esao Andrews, Gary Baseman, Gary Taxali, Invader, Isabel Samaras, James Jean, Jeff Soto, Jim Houser, Josh Agle (aka Shag), Kathy Staico Schorr, Mark Dean Veca, Miss Van, Natalia Fabia, […]

Releases: Gary Baseman – “Midnight Magi” Figure

Today, Gary Baseman (interviewed) is set to release his first figure “Midnight Magi” with toy maker Kidrobot. This heralds the launch of Kidrobot Black, an ultra-exclusive line that features only one colorway – black, with the molds being broken after production. The cool figure is limited to only 200 pieces and will only be released on a special Kidrobot site: So, keep your eyes peeled for the special site to go live. More detailed pics after the jump.

Openings: Jim Houser / “True Self” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Friday night, AM had the pleasure of attending the preview opening of two shows at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. In the front was the “True Self” group show curated by Gary Baseman (previewed), in which an impressive selection of artists, including James Jean, James Marshall and Ron English, were asked to submit work that they felt represented “their true passion or obsession.” In the second gallery was a solo show by Jim Houser, entitled “Make Room for the Emptiness.” Houser combines and recombines characters, symbols […]

Preview: “True Self” curated by Gary Baseman @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

BT alumni Gary Baseman (interviewed) is curating a fabulous group show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery this Saturday (Oct. 24th). Aptly named “True Self”, the show encourages each artist to look deep inside themselves and create an image which they feel represents their own passion or obsession. The show has a stacked roster of strong participants such as Adam Wallacavage, Christian Clayton (featured), Cleon Peterson, Dalek (interviewed), Dave Cooper, Eric White (interviewed), Esther Pearl Watson, Friends With You, Gary Taxali, James Jean (interviewed), Korin Faught, Lola, Luke […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Sketches

As if the free giveaways, raffles and live paintings weren’t enough, Baby Tattooville actively encourages their artists to sketch away in the dozens of sketchbooks brought by the paying attendees. This year, AM got a chance to sit down with virtually every participating artist, as well as a few special guests. Check out the artists at work and some of the sketches we and other attendees received after the jump.

Benefit: Gary Baseman Drawing for Cultural Canvas Thailand

It’s always great fun to catch up with friends/artists at events like Baby Tattooville. In fact, enjoyed ourselves so much with Gary Baseman and gang that we almost forgot to mention his benefit auction for Cultural Canvas Thailand – a Thai art charity looks to help single mothers and children. Gary has generously donated an awesome drawing measuring 6 feet x 3 feet for this cause. Check out the auction here, but hurry cause this ends a little after midnight tonight. See the detailed pics after the jump.

Baby Tattooville ’09: Art Jam

If the artists at Baby Tattooville are the heart of the event, then the “Art Jam” is definitely the bloodline that is pumping throughout the event. Starting at 5pm on the opening day and lasting a little past 8pm the next night, “Art Jam” is a culmination of the all the participating artist’s hard work. Like in previous years, the blank canvas was tinkered with by a few brave artists during the initial dinner, but by the time midnight rolled around, one could clearly see […]

Baby Tattooville ‘09: “Son Of Baby Tattooville” Museum Reception

After a successful exhibition last year (“Beyond Baby Tattooville”), the Riverside Art Museum brings back Baby Tattooville with this year’s roster of artists, with a show called “Son of Baby Tattooville”.  It was a unique museum group show in that almost all the artists who had works in the show made it in person to the opening.  Museum-goers were greeted with highly-representational pieces by each artists, such as Audrey Kawasaki‘s classic Two Sisters. More images after the jump…

Live Drawing: Baseman, English, Horvath, and Ledbetter @ STGCC

Gary Baseman, Ron English, David Horvath, and Joe Ledbetter gathered together for a special live-drawing event during STGCC (Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention).  These are all artists we follow here at AM, but are recognized as toy designers in this setting, so fans were out in full force to watch them draw and reprise some of their favorite characters. More images after the jump…

Openings: Gary Baseman – “La Noche de la Fusion” Festivities

Gary Baseman and Corey Helford Gallery pulled out all the stops for last night’s Carnivale-style extravaganza celebrating “La Noche de la Fusion” (covered), Baseman’s solo return to Los Angeles in over two years. Featuring Baseman-designed costumes come to life, carnival games, a fire bowl to burn away your fears and insecurities, an animation reel exploring Toby’s Travels and the Enlightened Chou, as well as eye-candy as far as the eyes could see, this was certainly an event to remember. The capstone of the night’s celebrations […]