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Preview / Setup: Herakut – “Loving the Exiled” @ 941 Geary

After a successful showing in Los Angeles, along with performances based on their imagery from the Lucent Dossier crew (covered), artistic duo Herakut moves up the coast for a followup showing at 941 Geary. Opening on April 21st, Loving the Exiled will be focusing in on characters that have fallen from grace – “the abandoned child that first cries of fear and then of rage, flocks of scapegoats, a choir of arch enemies, the outlawed, the out- numbered, the ones that know they are very […]

Streets: World Roundup (April 9 – April 15)

As you have seen from our coverage, Richmond, Virginia just had a stellar cast of artists roll by for the G40 Art Summit. To follow that up, this weekend sees more murals in town for the RVA Street Art Festival with another sweet lineup of artists. We’ll have a photo summary of that soon but check out this first piece from Mark Jenkins (interviewed). Other murals to peruse this week include Sten Lex (Italy), Bumblebee (California), Herakut (Germany), Specter (Baltimore), Stinkfish (Peru), BTOY (Portugal), and […]

Rewind: March 26 – April 1

NASA recently released a video they call Perpetual Ocean which tracks all the ocean currents from around the world. The twist is the animation has a pretty cool Van Gogh inspired vibe and is billed as “every bit as turbulent as the Starry Night” (via Animal), Other notable videos include: Trailer for Roger Gastman’s Wall Writers. Slick x Cale Super Mario Bros video (via Hypebeast). Two walkthrough videos of Kelsey Brookes’ Meditations on Symmetry show. Anthony Lister caught in action by Birdman painting Chalk Gallery (via […]

Openings: Herakut – “After the Laughter” @ Lebasse Projects (Chinatown)

Last month, German duo Herakut arrived in Los Angeles for a special exhibition highlighting their work not only with paintings but also with sculptures, photography and installations. Held at Lebasse Projects in Chinatown, the show also coincided with the release of their book After The Laughter which chronicles their work together during the past number of years. The night was packed from beginning to end with fans wanting to get their book signed by the two artists. Also, various members from the Lucent Dossier crew, […]

Preview/Set Up: Herakut – “After the Laughter” @ Lebasse Projects (Chinatown)

On this busy art weekend, one of the highlights will be the new exhibition from German duo and streets artists Herakut. Last time we caught up with them, they were wrapping up their amazing show with the Lucent Dossier crew. Now, they’ve spent the whole week inside the Lebasse Projects gallery in Chinatown setting up for what will be a great exhibition titled After the Laughter which will feature their trademark style, sculptures, and paintings. The two will also be releasing their second book also titled […]

Openings: “When Herakut Met Lucent” @ The Palace Theater

Last weekend, German street artists Herakut teamed up with circus troupe Lucent Dossier for a performance at the legendary Palace Theatre. The two day event, dubbed appropriately When Herakut Met Lucent, incorporated the duo’s artwork in with the talents of all the performers creating an incredible experience of bringing their signature characters to life. For those who missed it, check out more photos taken for us by ©Carlos Gonzalez after the jump…

Preview: “When Herakut Met Lucent” @ The Palace Theatre

On February 17th and 18th, the street art duo known as Herakut will join forces with the incredible Lucent Dossier crew for a performance which will combine the talents of all the artists involved. Each of the performances will take place at the legendary Palace Theatre, which sits in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, and it will be filled with music, dancing, and circus-like performances. As part of the show, Lucent will use Herakut’s imagery and artwork as a starting point for the costumes, […]

“When Lucent Found Herakut” @ Palace Theater

On February 17th and 18th, The Palace in Downtown LA will be hosting When Lucent Found Herakut, an collaborative performance between Lucent Dossier and the German street art duo. The avant-garde circus combines live original music and vocals with circus arts, dance, aerial arts, fire performance and more to create immersive and interactive spectacles for their audiences. In this production, they will be bringing Herakut’s imagery and strange creatures to life with the two street muralists scheduled to be joining the troupe on stage. For […]

Openings: Wooster Collective & Natalia Fabia @ Jonathan LeVine

Last weekend, the Jonathan LeVine Gallery kicked off the new year with two fresh shows. First was an exhibition curated by one of our favorite street art blogs – the Wooster Collective. Entitled Hybrid Thinking, the group show featured great works from DAL, Herakut, HYURO, ROA, SIT and VINZ. The other room showcased paintings from LA-based artist Natalia Fabia (interviewed) with a solo entitled Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle. For this new body of work, Natalia focused her considerable talents on the subjects of raw punk […]


After finishing their project in Los Angeles painting segments of the Berlin Wall (covered), Herakut headed over to their home country to exhibit some of their painting skills in a pop-up show. HALLENKUNST was held in Chemnitz, Germany and seeks to highlight the growing urban art movement and public art scene. Hera & Akut were some of the artists that were given an area to create a site-specific installation and works. More photos from the collaborative duo as well as a video after the jump…