Mark Jenkins

As you have seen from our coverage, Richmond, Virginia just had a stellar cast of artists roll by for the G40 Art Summit. To follow that up, this weekend sees more murals in town for the RVA Street Art Festival with another sweet lineup of artists. We’ll have a photo summary of that soon but check out this first piece from Mark Jenkins (interviewed). Other murals to peruse this week include Sten Lex (Italy), Bumblebee (California), Herakut (Germany), Specter (Baltimore), Stinkfish (Peru), BTOY (Portugal), and Cranio.

See all the walls after the jump…

Sten Lex - "the mouth of the truth" in Rome.

Bumblebee - "Passing Me By" in Los Angeles.

Herakut in Mannheim - “Brothers Helping Sisters Helping…” Via Street Art News.

Specter for Open Walls Baltimore.

Stinkfish in Lima, Peru.

BTOY in Covilha, Portugal.